Can\’t keep pets during pregnancy? If I am bitten by a dog, can I get rabies vaccine during pregnancy?

Some time ago, Weibo was flooded with news about the death of a pregnant woman who contracted rabies after being bitten by a dog, thus involving various opposing sides and making them blush. The reason was that the pregnant woman took in a stray dog ​​out of love and was bitten while bathing it. Later, she did not receive rabies vaccination. She eventually contracted rabies and died, killing two people. In this incident, we need to pay attention to two points, one is keeping pets during pregnancy, and the other is whether pregnant women bitten by dogs can be vaccinated against rabies. Regarding keeping pets during pregnancy, many families now treat pets as family members, and many young people also like to keep pets. But after all, there will be another new member in the family. When faced with pregnancy, many young people cannot resist the advice of the elderly and can only foster pets to relatives or give them away. When we talk about keeping pets during pregnancy, especially cats and dogs, we are worried about Toxoplasma gondii in cats and dogs. Pregnant women are prone to infection and transmit it to their unborn babies, which can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or fetal malformations. But this does not mean that pets that have been affectionate for many years can only be abandoned after pregnancy. Expectant mothers have great mood swings during pregnancy, and sometimes the company of pets can alleviate the emotional instability. However, protective measures must be strengthened. Before pregnancy, women should check whether they carry Toxoplasma gondii. In addition, pets at home should be checked regularly, vaccinated regularly, and dewormed regularly, not only for Toxoplasma gondii, but also for other parasites. During pregnancy, try to avoid the habit of sleeping with pets and try not to let pets into the room. Maintain hand hygiene and wash hands promptly after interacting with pets. As for pet poop, it is most likely to transmit bacteria, so pet hygiene issues are temporarily left to family members. Let family members bathe their pets frequently and clean them frequently. Not only the home environment, but also the pet’s living environment should be cleaned frequently. In addition, our understanding of Toxoplasma gondii seems to only stop in cats and dogs. In fact, this is wrong. Foreign studies have shown that Toxoplasma gondii is not exclusive to cats and dogs. Half-cooked meat and meat from sick livestock can cause Toxoplasma infection when entering the human body. In daily diet, if the chopping board where raw meat is cut is not cleaned in time and the joint with the meat will be contaminated, it will also become contaminated. Of course, you should also prevent your pets from foraging for food outside, especially cats, which are prone to eating infected rodents or birds, or coming into contact with other pets carrying germs. During pregnancy, if infection occurs, timely and active treatment is required. Early drug intervention can minimize the harm to the unborn baby. Regarding the injection of rabies vaccine and anti-rabies serum during pregnancy, the pregnant woman did not get the rabies vaccine in time after being bitten by a dog. Whether we think the bite is not a problem or whether we are worried about the impact of the vaccine on the fetus, we still don’t know. Among the friends I know, there are quite a few who raise dogs and cats, and some of them are pregnant and have children. We say that if you are bitten by a dog, the reason why you need to get the rabies vaccine promptly is because you are worried that if the dog carries the rabies virus, then the bitten person will definitely die if he does not get the vaccine in time. Because the mortality rate of rabies can be said to be 100%. Of course, I have also seen dogs bitten by my own dogs around me, and they were washed directly with liquor without vaccination. It’s not that she’s sure her dog doesn’t carry the virus;She used the traditional method and thought that it was disinfected. In fact, she was lucky because her dog happened to be fine. But the editor thinks this lucky choice is not advisable because her dogs are free-range and do not go to the pet hospital for vaccinations as usual. In other words, her choice is risky. Because the rabies virus can lie dormant for a certain period of time, if you are bitten by a dog, especially if blood is visible, you must be vaccinated within 24 hours. There was a special reason why the person who died in the accident was a pregnant woman. But in fact, it is safe to inject rabies vaccine and anti-rabies serum during pregnancy. According to a foreign investigation report, they conducted follow-up investigations on hundreds of pregnant women in similar situations after being vaccinated. It was found that although they experienced a series of adverse reactions after being injected with the vaccine, they were not significantly different from the reactions of normal people who were not pregnant. And after they gave birth, they were compared with hundreds of other babies born without vaccination, and the children showed no abnormalities. In other words, for pregnant women, if they are bitten by a dog during pregnancy, it is no problem and safe to treat them according to the usual methods of treating rabies. It is safe for the health of pregnant women and the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, once a pregnant woman is bitten by a dog, she should take immediate treatment measures instead of missing the best opportunity for treatment because of concerns about the side effects of the vaccine. Just like the pregnant woman in the accident, the family eventually fell apart.

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