Causes of premature birth and how to avoid it

Every birth of life is a miracle, but some new lives do not come into the world according to the scheduled time. They are also called premature babies. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 15 million premature babies are born every year in the world, of which about 1.1 million are born prematurely in my country every year. Today we will talk about how pregnant mothers can prevent premature birth? How to deal with premature birth? What causes premature birth? The following expectant mothers have a slightly higher probability of having a premature baby, so they should receive symptomatic treatment as soon as possible. 1 Lower genital tract infection and urinary tract infection Genital tract infection is one of the main factors in premature birth. Therefore, during pregnancy, you should strengthen the cleaning and health care of the perineum, wear cotton and breathable underwear, and do not use cleaning fluids indiscriminately. Unreasonable use of cleaning fluids will lead to imbalance of vaginal flora and cause infection. Pay attention to drinking plenty of water and not holding in your urine. 2. Pregnant mothers who suffer from habitual miscarriage and excessive abortion history have had a history of repeated miscarriages or have had abortions, which will cause varying degrees of damage to the female cervix, causing defects in the function of the female cervix and endometrium. In women, It is easy to have an impact during pregnancy and induce the occurrence of premature birth. 3 Fetal and placental factors Twin pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios, or placental insufficiency, placenta previa, early placental separation, malposition of the fetus, premature rupture of membranes, etc. can also easily lead to premature birth. 4 Acute and chronic complications of pregnancy Pregnant women are prone to premature birth if they suffer from gestational hypertension, pregnancy-complicated heart disease, thyroid disease, gestational diabetes, and acute viral hepatitis. 5. For expectant mothers with loose cervical os, as the pregnancy months increase, the weight of the fetal sac may exceed the endurance of the cervix, which can easily lead to dilation of the cervical canal and rupture of the fetal sac, which is a sign of repeated premature birth or even spontaneous abortion. One of the more common reasons. 6. Smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism, and severe malnutrition. Women who are malnourished during pregnancy, or even have bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, will cause incomplete fetal development and may also cause premature birth. How to prevent premature birth? In order to prevent the occurrence of premature birth, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following suggestions: Avoid fatigue: In the third trimester of pregnancy, pay attention to reducing labor intensity, especially after 7 months, avoid standing for long periods of time. It is best not to travel long distances, avoid bumpy roads, avoid going to crowded places, and be careful not to be overtired. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M and maintain a good living condition: Pregnant mothers are under excessive psychological pressure and have a higher probability of premature birth. In particular, stress, anxiety, depression, impatience, etc. can easily cause premature birth. Therefore, pregnant women should maintain a good attitude, be calm and emotionally stable, learn to regulate themselves, and spend the pregnancy happily. Reasonable and balanced nutrition: It is recommended to ensure an appropriate intake of dairy products and eat some animal livers to reduce iron deficiency in the body. According to statistics, iron deficiency and copper deficiency in pregnant women can lead to premature birth. Eliminate constipation: Pregnant mothers straining to defecate when they have dry stools will increase intra-abdominal pressure and easily lead to premature birth. It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat a reasonable diet every day, eat more vegetables and fruits, and maintain smooth bowel movements. Actively treat inflammation of the reproductive tractSymptoms: In particular, inflammation of vaginitis and cervix can easily cause premature birth once it spreads to the amniotic membrane. In addition, when cough symptoms occur due to respiratory inflammation, it is also easy to increase intra-abdominal pressure and cause premature birth. Some pregnant women are afraid that medication will affect their fetus, so they are advised to use medication rationally under the guidance of a doctor. Perform cervical cerclage: Pregnant women with cervical laxity should undergo cervical cerclage at 16-20 weeks to achieve early diagnosis and early treatment. Pay attention to rest: Pregnant mothers should ensure that they sleep 8-9 hours a day and take appropriate lunch breaks. It is recommended to lie on the left side as much as possible in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Sexual intercourse is prohibited after 32 weeks. Conduct prenatal check-ups on time: Pregnant women with pregnancy complications, pregnancy complications, multiple fetuses, and polyhydramnios are also at high risk of premature birth. They should have prenatal check-ups in time, listen to the doctor\’s rational suggestions, and receive active treatment to prevent the occurrence of premature birth. \”Premature birth\” will bring pain to a family and make the baby suffer. What we can do is try our best to avoid premature birth through habits, behaviors, mentality, etc. in daily life.

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