Chiropractic treatment for children can cure all kinds of diseases, parents will add it to their collection

Chiropractic acupoints: the midline of the back, a straight line from Changqiang to Dazhui. Technique: Hold the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger of both hands into empty fists, half-bend the index finger, straighten the thumb and align it with the front half of the index finger, lift and pinch from the patient\’s Changqiang point When reaching the Dazhui point, use heavy force, lift and pinch in a straight line, and do it in one go. Chiropractic, mainly pinching, lifting and holding between Dazhui and Changqiang points. Regular pinching can resist external evils, dredge Qi and blood, and promote development. Chiropractic also has a good effect on malnutrition, anorexia and anorexia. Grandma Chen\’s Acupoint Massage Pediatric Massage Training Video Tutorial Complete Collection 29 Lessons Download In fact, chiropractic is divided into upper and lower parts. Upper chiropractic can be said to be pinched from bottom to top. It nourishes yang, improves yang energy, warms the kidneys and strengthens the spleen. It is mainly used to treat diarrhea, Symptoms include constipation, colds, food accumulation, etc. Children with insufficient yang energy generally have insufficient energy, white tongue coating, easy sweating, and sallow complexion. I usually have cold hands and feet, loss of appetite, easy diarrhea, and frequent enuresis. Lower chiropractic pinching, which can be described as pinching from top to bottom, nourishes yin and is mainly used for symptoms such as lung heat, bad breath, oral sores, bad temper, etc. Children with yin deficiency mostly have trouble sleeping, have hot hands and feet, and dry mouth and throat. constipate. Parents can choose chiropractic techniques based on their children’s different symptoms. Of course, chiropractic is not only for treatment, but also for daily health care. Healthy babies can also have regular chiropractic, which can improve the child\’s immunity, make the operation of the internal organs more coordinated, and refresh the mind.

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