Dad’s pet hair allergy makes his child have two pets. It’s incredible.

\”Do you have a pet at home?\” This sentence seems to have become an important part of the children\’s chat. Whenever a child asks this question, there will be two situations: the first is to answer excitedly about what kind of pets he has at home and how interesting they are, arousing everyone\’s awe and infinite yearning; the second is to feel sad. He said that his parents were not allowed to keep pets, which got everyone\’s sighs and sympathy. ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Almost every child likes those cute little animals. I remember when Xiao Miao was a child, when she saw someone taking a dog for a walk or seeing a cat on the road, she would stop and look at it for a long time, her eyes full of envy. After she entered elementary school, she had too few playmates and had her own opinions. She often discussed with us whether she could have a pet, such as a puppy or a kitten. The problem of matching pictures on the Internet is not a small problem in our family. The key is that Xiao Meow\’s father is allergic to hair, so every time Xiao Meow brings up this topic, his answer is no; Xiao Meow is very helpless about this and often says Her father was fine in everything except his nose, so she jokingly asked him if he could change his nose. By chance, Xiao Miao learned that there are lovely hairless animals like tortoises in the world. She begged us to buy her a tortoise. The reason she gave was so impeccable that we could not refute it: tortoises have no hair. , Dad is not allergic to tortoises. Unable to resist her, we went to Flower World and bought a red-legged tortoise. To this day, I still remember the smile as bright and bright as a flower on Xiao Meow’s face when he took it home after buying the tortoise that was later named “Milu”. Milu brought endless joy to Xiaomei. She bathed Milu, fed her, cleaned up the small amount of poop that had no peculiar smell, and took him for a walk on the grass in the park every day. She drew pictures and wrote diaries for Milu. Milu once became the center of attention in the family. Almost every day at the dinner table and on walks, the topic was Xiao Meow telling us about Milu’s interesting actions. Everyone fell in love with the cute Milu because of Xiao Meow. Unfortunately, Milu fell ill later. We were at a loss and took him to several pet hospitals but were unable to save him. On the day Milu left, the little cat tasted the bitterness and deep powerlessness of farewell for the first time. She cried silently for a long time because of the emotion. In her diary that day, she wrote: \”Milu went to heaven and took away a quarter of my heart.\” (She thought her heart was divided into four parts: One part belongs to her mother, one part belongs to her father, one part belongs to herself, and one part belongs to Milu. In her heart, Milu is a part of the family.) After Milu left, I met Xiaomiao’s father. She was so sad that she bought a lively guinea pig for her. This guinea pig can eat, poop, and make noises. It is chubby. Xiao Meow named it \”Qiuqiu\”. The biggest pleasure that Qiuqiu brings to the little cat is feeding. It eats almost everything and can never eat enough, so the little cat often squats beside its cage to feed it various things and talk to it. The trouble is that Qiuqiu poops and urinates too much, and the smell is very strong. He has to clean the cage with steel wire balls at least three times a day. The key is that the little cat can\’t cope with this difficult cleaning job. It\’s all us.Come and do it for you. After raising it for more than half a year, in the middle of summer, Qiuqiu began to shed her hair to escape the heat, and there was a lot of fine hair flying around the house. Xiao Meow\’s father started having allergies in his nose and complained a lot about it. No way, I found an opportunity to send Qiuqiu back to the flower world. Xiaomiao was sad for a long time, but when she thought about the process of raising Qiuqiu, besides feeding and playing with it, she couldn\’t help with other tasks. It was hard for her to say anything. After that, she fell into a long period of depression. When she saw an aunt upstairs taking two cute teddy dogs for a walk in the park every day, she would tease her for a long time, and then ask her father when she could let her get one. Puppies and stuff. Her father was so troubled that he promised her to buy a house with a garden near her school when she was in junior high school, and let her raise a puppy or other small animals in the garden, on the condition that they would not be allowed in. Come inside. Xiaomiao was only in the second grade at that time, and she still had more than four years to go before entering junior high school. She didn’t realize that her father was trying to prevaricate her, and she often shouted to her father when he went out to work: “Dad, come on! Buy a house with a garden as soon as possible!\” When Xiaomiao was in third grade, she suddenly realized that her father was just trying to stall her for time. Her excitement suddenly turned into frustration, and she couldn\’t do anything. Come on. Before her ninth birthday, we asked her what birthday gift she wanted. She said sadly: \”It\’s not like you don\’t know what I want. You won\’t give it to me anyway, so forget it. I don\’t want any birthday gift!\” She often browses some pet webpages online, and I know she is paying attention to African mini hedgehogs. As parents, what we fear most is seeing the sad eyes of our children, not to mention that this is a child who doesn’t usually ask for material things from us. Her dad and I discussed it for a few days and finally decided to give her a surprise on her birthday – take her to Flower World to buy two African mini hedgehogs. Her diary on her birthday described her mood that day. She said it felt like a dream. She was afraid that when she woke up from this dream, her two cute little hedgehogs would disappear. She named the two little hedgehogs \”Chestnut\” and \”Snow White\” according to their colors. I taught her how to bathe them, feed them, change sawdust, clean the cage, change the water, and take them out to play. I said that since she wanted to keep a pet, she had to do everything by herself, and I was just helping out. She agreed and was very busy every day. Chestnut may be because she is a little older, and she has gained a lot from raising two little hedgehogs this time: her writing is neater than before, and she said she can’t live up to our efforts to buy her two cute little hedgehogs; she went to the park to walk the hedgehogs. She was very happy when she introduced the two hedgehogs to others, and her self-confidence was greatly improved. She had a sense of time. After eating at noon, she played with them on the balcony. At one o\’clock in the afternoon, she immediately put them away. She returned to the cage, washed her hands and went to take a nap; she often wrote interesting things about the two hedgehogs in her diary, and also carefully wrote an essay about the two hedgehogs and gave it to the teacher. The teacher said that the writing was very vivid and let her go to the podium. Read aloud to the whole class; Banli and Bai Xue became famous, and many classmates made an appointment with her on the weekend.She made several friends while walking the hedgehog in the park. When the teacher was giving a homework class, she wanted the students to get to know Chestnut and Bai Xue, so she asked me to make a six-minute video album, with Xiao Meow acting as the on-site voiceover. She performed very well; she took care of Chestnut and Bai Xue every day and summed up some experience. Before we went on a trip, when she entrusted Chestnut and Bai Xue to her friend to take care of her, she specially made a card on how to take care of Chestnut and Bai Xue and gave it to her. Friend; when traveling, she missed Chestnut and Bai Xue every night, saying that she didn’t know what they were doing… ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ It is said that keeping pets is just a whim for children. After all, keeping pets is not just about keeping company. Playing with pets and taking care of them requires a lot of time and energy, and you can\’t do it without a strong sense of responsibility. Xiao Meow Walking Hedgehog Since Xiao Meow wants to raise a pet, we will give Xiao Meow the hard work of taking care of the pet together with the joy of companionship with the pet, let her know that only by hard work can you gain. After taking care of two little hedgehogs, you can gain Enjoy the happiness and sense of accomplishment that the two little hedgehogs bring her. And this kind of enthusiasm and love gained after hard work will last, right? While walking the hedgehog in the park, Chestnut and Bai Xue played around the little cat sitting on the grass. Doesn’t the little cat’s hearty laughter illustrate this point? \”Do you have pets at home?\” When Xiao Meow faces this question from his friends, the answer will be so exciting and touching! Text|Big Meow

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