Daily health care for pregnant mothers during the 18th week of pregnancy

Regular physical examination is very important for pregnant mothers. Starting from the 18th week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their weight. During pregnancy, a pregnant mother\’s weight will increase by 10 to 13 kilograms on average; this includes the placenta, fetus, and amniotic fluid, which weigh about 6 dry grams. The rest of the weight is the increase in the pregnant mother\’s waist, abdominal tissue, and blood. If excessive nutrient intake causes excessive obesity in pregnant mothers, it will gradually cause obstacles to fetal development as the delivery date approaches. Overweight pregnant mothers will suffer from diabetes and gestational hypertension, which will affect the health of the fetus. The ideal weight for pregnant mothers is that the monthly gain index should not exceed 500 grams. Weight gain is an important indicator of health during pregnancy. In order to enable the fetus and pregnant mother to spend the pregnancy better, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to weight gain. Related reading: Dietary principles for pregnant mothers in the 18th week of pregnancy to prevent rickets in the fetus. Rickets is a common disease in children, but not all of it occurs due to lack of calcium and vitamin D during the growth and development of children. Some of them occur. Rickets in children begins during the fetal period. There are many reasons for fetal rickets: first, many pregnant mothers suffer from chronic intestinal diseases, chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic nephritis and other diseases, which will affect the absorption of vitamin D and calcium; second, due to the inability of pregnant mothers to Pay attention to nutritional balance, poor appetite, picky eaters, resulting in insufficient intake of vitamin D; third, due to too cold and too hot weather in winter and summer, pregnant mothers have too little sun exposure, and the dehydrocholesterol in the skin cannot be converted into vitamins D. The above reasons may lead to a lack of vitamin D in pregnant mothers, affecting calcium absorption, leading to a calcium imbalance in the body, which may affect fetal bone development and weight growth, leading to congenital rickets. To prevent the fetus from contracting rickets, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to sunbathing and increase nutrition in their diet. For example, egg yolks, fish and shrimp, lean meat, animal liver and beans are rich in vitamin D. Pregnant mothers can eat more in moderation. Exercise during pregnancy can benefit a lot from dizziness, fatigue and easy breathing. Exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function. Improves hypoxic symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, or breathlessness caused by poor cardiopulmonary function during pregnancy. Edema: Exercise can improve blood circulation and reduce edema caused by poor venous return in the lower limbs. Gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation: After pregnancy, under the influence of hormones, gastrointestinal motility will slow down and constipation will easily occur, and constipation will aggravate hemorrhoids. Exercise can promote gastrointestinal motility and improve constipation. Back pain and joint damage. The hormones secreted after pregnancy will cause the ligaments throughout the body to become looser. If the posture is poor or during activities, it is easy to damage the joints. Insomnia and irritability. Exercise can moderately reduce physical and mental stress and help pregnant mothers have a better sleep at night. Control weight and prevent stretch marks. You cannot lose weight during pregnancy. Exercise can consume energy and burn body fat. Therefore, if you stay active during pregnancy, your body fat will increase less and you will avoid excessive weight gain. On the other hand, it can also prevent stretch marks. Controlling gestational diabetes Exercise can increase the body\’s utilization of blood sugar and stimulate insulin secretion, which can reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes. It is helpful for pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes.Effectiveness in controlling blood sugar.

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