Daily health care for pregnant mothers in early pregnancy (7th week)

Pregnant mothers should not use enamel cups to drink hot drinks. Maybe you don’t know that enamel utensils commonly used in households may bring unexpected harm to pregnant mothers. The porcelain on the surface of enamelware is composed of sodium silicate and metal salts, which contain a lot of lead and toxic metal elements such as bismuth, cadmium and antimony. According to research reports, a certain amount of lead, cadmium and other harmful elements can leak out from enamelware after being soaked in 4% acetic acid. After boiling at 100°C for a certain period of time, a certain amount of lead and cadmium can also be dissolved. Lead in food can come from enamelware. Coffee is an acidic hot beverage. Storing or drinking coffee in enamel vessels can easily cause lead in the enamel vessels to precipitate. Citrus acidic beverages are the same as hot coffee, so storing or drinking acidic beverages in enamel vessels will also increase lead leaching from enamel vessels. Because the fetus is still in the developmental stage, if a pregnant mother is exposed to harmful substances such as lead, it is easy to cause fetal abnormalities or even stillbirth. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not use enamel vessels to drink hot drinks, acidic drinks or eat other acidic foods to prevent various toxic metal elements from causing harm to the mother and fetus. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following points when washing clothes. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following points when washing clothes: It is not advisable to use very cold water for washing. You can add some hot water appropriately. When washing clothes, your posture should be stable. It is not advisable to take a squatting position to avoid compressing the fetus and affecting its blood circulation. ; Do not use too much force when washing clothes, and do not push the washboard against the abdomen to avoid pressure on the fetus. It is not advisable to use washing powder when washing clothes in early pregnancy, because the chemicals in the washing powder can damage fertilized eggs. When drying clothes, you should move gently and do not move upward. Stretch your waist and the clothesline should be lower. Pregnant mothers should not wear high heels. Wearing high heels can make people look more beautiful and more elegant, but can they be worn after pregnancy? After a woman becomes pregnant, her belly bulges day by day and she gains weight. The body\’s center of gravity shifts forward, which increases the burden on the lower back muscles and feet when standing or walking. If you wear high heels, your body will become unstable and prone to falling. In addition, the venous return of the lower limbs of pregnant mothers is often affected to a certain extent. When standing for a long time or walking a long distance, the feet often have varying degrees of edema. Wearing high heels at this time is not conducive to the blood circulation of the lower limbs. Therefore, pregnant mothers should no longer wear high heels. In order to relieve muscle tension in the lower back, it is best for pregnant mothers to wear soft-soled cloth shoes or travel shoes. These shoes have good flexibility and elasticity and can change with the shape of the feet, so they are comfortable to wear and light to walk, which can reduce the pain of pregnant mothers. burden, and can prevent unsafe factors such as falls. In addition, pregnant mothers should not wear sandals and slippers, as these shoes are easy to fall off and can cause falls. How to avoid vomiting symptoms on the way to work. In order to avoid the discomfort caused by vomiting, pregnant mothers should prepare some biscuits and other foods that can be eaten immediately in advance. In addition, you may wish to prepare a Walkman, which can be used while riding in the car. Listen to your favorite music to distract yourself. When you feel really uncomfortable in the car, don\’t force yourself to endure it. You should get out of the car as soon as possible and take a short rest. Carry a plastic bag and a small towel with you in case you need something urgently.

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