Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 11th week of early pregnancy

Why pregnant mothers are encouraged to work while being pregnant and working at the same time has become the choice of most women. A healthy pregnant mother who chooses to work while pregnant can at least bring the following benefits: First, it reduces the boredom and worry caused by the pregnant mother being alone at home. Busyness will dilute this kind of worry, especially when all your colleagues praise you: \”You look good,\” \”You have rich knowledge about parenting,\” and \”You will definitely give birth to a beautiful and smart baby.\” The pregnant mother\’s worries will disappear unconsciously. , sometimes worries turn into joy. Secondly, increasing the amount of exercise can make pregnant mothers more optimistic. Maintaining an appropriate amount of exercise is one of the key factors to increase the chance of future delivery, especially after 6 months of pregnancy, if there is no motivation to go out to work, people They will become lazy and find it difficult to move. And being \”lazy and unwilling to move\” will lead to weight gain and increase the chance of dystocia. Issues that working pregnant mothers must pay attention to Pregnant mothers who have to go to work after pregnancy must pay attention to the following things: let the unit go to work as soon as possible Know that you are pregnant. Some pregnant working women, in order not to cause more trouble to their work units, hide the fact, which can often cause harm. In fact, letting your work unit know about your pregnancy as early as possible will not only make it easier for you to get understanding and help, but at the same time, your work unit will You can also make arrangements for maternity leave as early as possible. Check the pregnancy and childcare system in advance. Each company has different regulations and handling methods for pregnancy and childcare, so you should inquire with the responsible department or labor union in advance. Especially when taking maternity leave Be sure to understand first the number, salary guarantee, flexible commuting, postpartum childcare time, regular check-ups and special leave for morning sickness. In addition, if the job content requires standing work and labor, the load of stress is high, etc. , it is a problem related to the working environment, and you should discuss it with your supervisor and family to make adjustments. Why can’t you use certain cosmetics during pregnancy? Women’s makeup has become a symbol of civilization and fashion in modern society, but cosmetics are harmful to the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses. It is best for pregnant mothers not to use or use cosmetics. The following cosmetics should attract attention: 1. Hair dyes. Hair dyes can not only cause skin cancer, but also may cause breast cancer. 2. Cold perm. Women after pregnancy , not only the hair is very fragile, but also easy to fall off. The use of cold perm essence will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in the body. A few women will also have allergic reactions to cold perm essence. 3. Lipstick. Lipstick is made of various greases, waxes, pigments and It is composed of spices and other ingredients. The oil usually uses lanolin. In addition to adsorbing various heavy metal trace elements in the air that are harmful to the human body, lanolin may also absorb E. coli and enter the fetus. After a pregnant mother applies lipstick, some harmful substances in the air It is easy to be adsorbed on the lips and invade the body with saliva, causing harm to the fetus in the pregnant mother\’s belly. However, the skin during pregnancy still needs protection, so high-quality moisturizing products, sunscreen products and prevention and reduction of stretch marks Body moisturizing lotion is still necessary.

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