Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 21st week of pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to what they wear during the second trimester. After pregnancy, the abdomen gradually bulges and the breasts gradually enlarge. Some of the clothes of pregnant mothers can no longer be worn and they need to be remade or bought. So how should pregnant mothers choose clothes? Tops: Pregnant mothers’ clothing should be loose, soft, convenient and comfortable, and should not be tight on the chest or belly. Loose T-shirts and round-neck long-sleeved sweatshirts are more suitable for pregnancy and can still be worn after delivery. Pants: Pants should not be too tight. Otherwise, the abdominal pressure will affect the blood flow of the uterus. If the belt is too tight, the enlarging uterus will not be able to rise. Over time, it will cause a drooping abdomen and lead to abnormal fetal position. At this time, comfortable and non-restrictive sportswear is a good choice for you. Just change the elastic band of the waistband to a belt to adapt to your waistline. Bra: Breasts of pregnant mothers will become swollen and heavy during pregnancy, and they will tend to sag after the baby is born or weaned. Therefore, you should wear a bra that can provide support, preferably cotton, with wider shoulder straps and deeper bra cups. Underwear: You can choose mini underwear with a lower top or large underwear with a higher top. Underwear should be elastic enough to accommodate your growing belly. Pregnant mothers should be particular about wearing shoes. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen increases. In order to maintain body balance, the waist and back muscles are often in a state of tension. Over time, you will feel back pain. In order to relieve muscle tension in the lower back, pregnant mothers should choose comfortable casual shoes when wearing shoes. The heels can be slightly higher. Generally, medium heels of 3 to 4 cm are suitable. The soles and linings of the shoes are preferably made of non-slip materials. . It is naturally not good to have a heel that is too high, but it is not good to have a heel that is too low, because the vibration will be directly transmitted to the foot, which can easily cause heel pain and low back pain. Provide a healthy living environment for yourself and your baby. The living environment is not only related to the health of the pregnant mother, but more importantly, it affects the healthy growth and intellectual development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to creating a healthy living environment for themselves and their babies. The living room should be neat, clean, quiet and comfortable, not crowded, not dark, and well ventilated. Therefore, attention must be paid to keeping the indoor air fresh and good. Related articles: Nutritional diet for pregnant mothers in the 21st week of pregnancy The living space must be comfortable. The living space does not necessarily have to be large, but through scientific and reasonable design, the home can be decorated to be warm and comfortable, so that the pregnant mother living there will have a good mood every day. The room temperature should be appropriate. It is best to keep the room temperature between 20 and 221°C. If the temperature is too high, it will make people dizzy, lack of energy, drowsy, or irritable. If the temperature is too low, it will make people feel cold and prone to colds. All items and facilities in the room should be placed to facilitate the daily life of pregnant mothers and eliminate unsafe factors. For example, put the daily necessities, clothes, and books of the pregnant mother where she can easily reach them, and do not let the pregnant mother climb up or down. The facilities at home should be arranged to facilitate pregnant mothers to do housework, such as kitchen utensils, ironing utensils, clothes drying utensils, light ropes, etc. The height should be such that pregnant mothers do not bend down, bend their knees, or tiptoe when standing and operating. Eliminate all factors that may easily put pregnant mothers at risk. Various items in the home should be placed neatly and securely to prevent pregnant mothers from bumping into them. The smooth floor should be covered with non-slip mats to prevent pregnant mothers from falling.

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