Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 23rd week of pregnancy

Can I ride a bicycle during my second trimester? Most people think that it is dangerous for pregnant mothers to ride bicycles and they are prone to falling, but this is not the case. Precisely because of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will be more cautious when riding bicycles and will be less likely to fall. Cycling is a beneficial exercise, and it is completely okay to ride a bicycle appropriately during the second trimester. It should be noted that you should not ride a bicycle for long distances. It is best not to ride a bicycle in the third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should not play mahjong. When playing mahjong, pregnant mothers are often in an unhealthy mood of great joy, sorrow, worry about gains and losses, and constant panic. In addition, they have rough language, fierce arguments, high autonomic nervous system tension, and abnormal hormone secretion in the mother\’s body. The damage caused by these harsh stimuli to fetal brain development will far exceed the damage to the mother itself. Mahjong playing scenes are mostly filled with smoke and the smell of alcohol. Even if a pregnant mother does not smoke, passive inhalation is enough to cause serious harm to the mother and fetus. Moreover, dry smoke irritates the respiratory tract, which will increase the risk of respiratory diseases and pregnancy complications for pregnant mothers. The fetus may also develop poorly due to insufficient nutrition. Pregnant mothers with full abdomen should avoid being fixed in one posture of sitting, lying, standing or walking for a long time. When playing mahjong, sitting for a long time will weaken gastrointestinal motility and increase gastric acid reflux, which will irritate the mucous membrane and cause constipation, anorexia, vomiting, and burning sensation in the throat and upper abdomen. At the same time, the compression of the abdomen will block the pelvic venous blood return, causing congestion in the venous plexus around the anus, causing hemorrhoids, varicose veins of the lower limbs, severe edema of the lower limbs, and even calf cramps. Because the blood of pregnant mothers is in a hypercoagulable state, sitting for long periods of time may cause thrombosis in the lower limbs. Related articles: The dietary principles of pregnant mothers in the 23rd week of pregnancy are like mahjong, which is contaminated with a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Once the pregnant mother contracts an infectious disease, it may affect the fetus. If the drug is taken during the third month of pregnancy, the possibility of the fetus suffering from congenital diseases will be greatly increased. Pregnant mothers should not sunbathe too much. \”Sunbathing\” is very different from what we usually call \”basking in the sun\”. There are differences in the way and extent of receiving sunlight. Sunbathing requires exposing the body surface skin as much as possible so that it can be directly exposed to the sun, and the exposure time is also long. While basking in the sun, the range and duration of sunlight exposure are much smaller. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight are a type of electromagnetic radiation with higher energy and have significant biological effects. Sun exposure causes the skin to produce vitamin D under the sunlight\’s ultraviolet rays, thereby promoting calcium absorption and bone growth. However, sunbathing can cause skin damage due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, and in severe cases, skin cancer may occur. If you sunbathe, it will also aggravate the melanin pigmentation in the areola, vulva, periumbilicus, and midline below the navel. Sunbathing can deepen or increase the pigment spots on the face of pregnant mothers, causing pregnancy butterfly spots or aggravating them. Solar dermatitis may also occur, especially in early summer when people\’s skin does not have enough melanin to protect them. In addition, due to the dilation effect of sunlight on blood vessels, it will also aggravate varicose veins in pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not only not sunbathe, but also pay attention to protection when going out for activities under the scorching sun., such as wearing a straw hat, sunglasses and using an umbrella to block ultraviolet rays.

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