Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 27th week of pregnancy

It is very important for pregnant mothers to take naps. Pregnant mothers should sleep longer than usual, about an hour longer. The extra hour of sleep is best added to a nap. Because taking a nap can relax the nerves of pregnant mothers, eliminate fatigue, and restore vitality. But don’t go to sleep right after eating. The length of nap time can vary from person to person and from time to time. When taking a nap, although the time is short, you should take off your shoes, put your feet on a cushion, raise your legs, and then relax your whole body, so that pregnant mothers can get the best rest. Skin care during pregnancy: During pregnancy, the skin will undergo subtle changes. Some pregnant mothers\’ complexions become rosy and shiny; some pregnant mothers\’ complexions become dull and rough; some pregnant mothers become greasy and sweaty. Anyway. Changes in your skin reflect your metabolism. Excessive sweating on the skin: During pregnancy, the adrenal gland and thyroid functions are relatively overactive, metabolism is accelerated, and blood circulation in the skin is increased, so sweating is increased. At this time, you should drink more water, move appropriately, and pay attention to skin cleanliness. Oily skin During pregnancy, your metabolism slows down and your skin becomes extra oily. It is recommended to keep your skin clean and wash your face several times a day; eat more brightly colored vegetables and fruits in your diet to make your skin more beautiful and moisturized and not greasy. Dry skin Due to the relationship between progesterone, the skin is slightly rough and dry. Pregnant mothers with dry skin should not wash their face frequently. It is best to use baby soap or glycerin soap to wash their face. Bathing time should not be too long to avoid dehydration of the skin. Prevention and Treatment of Annoying Pregnancy Spots and Stretch Marks During pregnancy, in order to provide adequate nutrition to the skin, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement with vitamin C, ensure adequate sleep and lead a regular life to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks appear on the abdomen. Stretch marks on pregnant mothers are purple-red. If the abdominal muscles are regularly exercised and the abdominal muscles have good elasticity, stretch marks may not occur. You can choose nursing oil and massage cream during pregnancy. Use it consistently during pregnancy and postpartum, which can effectively slow down skin relaxation and prevent and smooth stretch marks. Sun Protection Points Pregnant mothers’ skin is usually more fragile than before pregnancy and is susceptible to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you should avoid direct sunlight during pregnancy, sunscreen is essential, and you should wash it after returning indoors. \”Pregnant Beauty\” Hair Care During pregnancy, the pregnant mother\’s hair will undergo great changes due to endocrine changes. So, how to care for the hair? Related reading: Dietary principles for pregnant mothers to make their hair beautiful in the 27th week of pregnancy. The increased amount of estrogen in pregnant mothers will prolong the growth period of their hair, so during pregnancy, most pregnant mothers’ hair will look extra thick and shiny. After childbirth, the proportion of hormones in the body needs to return to the state before pregnancy, so you will feel more hair loss, which is normal. Nutritional Hair Care People with oily hair during pregnancy will have their hair oilier than usual; people with dry hair will not be as dry as usual. The situation can be improved by choosing shampoos and conditioners that can add protein nutrition to your hair. Handling wet hair after washing Many pregnant mothers have cut off their beloved long hair and choose short hair that is easy to dry and manage after washing. This is all for the comfort and convenience during pregnancy.

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