Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 34th week of pregnancy

Prepare the items needed for feeding and a large feeding bottle for the baby to use when drinking milk. There are 2 small bottles, one of which is filled with sugar water and the other with juice. 2 to 3 pacifiers, pay attention to the appropriate size when choosing. 1 bottle sterilizer. Mothers who want to save time can choose the steam type. Do not overheat when using a sterilizer for sterilization. 1 bottle nipple brush. 1 bottle clip. It is hygienic and safe to use the bottle clip after sterilizing the bottle. 1 insulated milk bottle, convenient for use at night or when going out. 1 bottle warmer, preferably water-free and can automatically adjust the temperature to 37°C. A carrying box for milk powder when going out. It is more suitable to choose one with a four-layer structure. A breast pump or a dual-purpose bottle for breastfeeding. 1 juice press. 1 food grinder. 1 to 2 breast milk freezers, suitable for working mothers who breastfeed. There is a food box, which contains all feeding supplies. It is not only hygienic but also convenient and easy to find during use. Ensuring high-quality sleep and good sleep is the most important thing for pregnant mothers, so that they can save enough energy for future childbirth. For pregnant mothers who have trouble sleeping, how can they ensure a high-quality sleep? Experts believe that relieving sleep problems and relaxing the mind are the key. Therefore, pregnant mothers can try the following methods to help themselves relax. Get a good night\’s sleep: Take a shower before going to bed, or soak your feet in water at 32°C to 35°C for 20 minutes. Choose the most comfortable position and relax your muscles. The sign is feeling that all parts of the body are very heavy, breathe easily, close your eyes, do not move your eyeballs, fix your gaze on one point, and at the same time gently remind yourself: \”My arms are so heavy and boring, my legs and feet are also weak, I It’s time to sleep.” Get up at the same time every day, even if you only slept for a short time. After getting up, take a shower and then go outside to do some activities. To relieve abdominal tension and prevent insomnia, place a small pillow or chair cushion in the recess of your back to naturally make your body feel comfortable. Pregnant mothers with varicose veins should put chair cushions under their feet to elevate their feet when sleeping. Use a quilt to support your waist while sleeping. Bend your legs, or stretch the upper leg forward, and put your feet on a high place for a while before going to bed. This is especially important in the last three months of pregnancy.

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