Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 35th week of pregnancy

Wearing your husband\’s clothes can help the pregnant mother maintain a good attitude. At this time, the pregnant mother\’s belly is getting bigger and bigger. Along with a series of adaptive physiological changes, the pregnant mother often has many complex and profound psychological experiences, including emotions, interests, There will also be subtle changes in hobbies and living habits. For example, a pregnant mother likes to wear her husband\’s clothes. Especially in the late pregnancy and the time of delivery, pregnant mothers like to wear their husband\’s loose pants and tops. If the delivery happens to be in the cold winter, then the husband\’s thick cotton coat and trousers will become the special winter clothing for the mother. In fact there is a reason for this. Physiological reasons: After a woman becomes pregnant, a series of physiological changes will occur in the uterus, breasts and other organs throughout the body. Related content: The dietary nutrition of pregnant mothers in the 35th week of pregnancy. The first thing is the change of the uterus. During the entire pregnancy, with the growth and development of the fetus, the uterine body gradually increases, which causes the pregnant mother\’s abdominal circumference to increase sharply. Secondly, due to the hyperplasia of the mammary glands, the pregnant mother\’s breasts will swell significantly, resulting in changes in the thorax. In addition, water retention in late pregnancy can cause pregnant mothers to gain weight dramatically. All these changes directly affect the posture and shape of pregnant mothers. The original graceful figure will become bloated and plump. In this way, most pregnant mothers like to wear loose and loose clothes. One is comfortable, and the other is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen. Economic reasons In order to make the life of the upcoming baby more warm and comfortable, many families will try to save some expenses as much as possible. Since most maternity clothes have a low usage rate, are simple to make, and are not cheap, pregnant mothers will temporarily wear their husband\’s clothes, which is both trouble-free and economical. Psychological reasons Pregnancy and childbirth are both physiological and psychological phenomena. Pregnancy changes the original physiological structure and psychological state of the pregnant mother, which will naturally show the special psychology of the special period. Prominent manifestations include: increased dependence and increased fear. Most of them will become fragile, sensitive, and full of fantasy. In the absence of external stimulation, they sometimes become psychologically excited and sometimes fall into illusory suspicion. Some pregnant mothers often feel clumsy and boring. This psychological state is detrimental to both the pregnant mother and the fetus. In this case, pregnant mothers strongly hope that others will treat them as special objects of protection, so they crave care and care more than usual, especially care and care from their husbands. But due to various reasons, it is impossible for her husband to be inseparable from her all the time. Once her husband is not around, she just needs to put on his clothes and it is like snuggling into her husband\’s warm embrace. Wearing your husband\’s clothes is not only for convenience and comfort for pregnant mothers, but more importantly, it can get encouragement and comfort from love, which can help pregnant mothers maintain a good attitude. What to do if a pregnant mother suddenly has a headache. During this period, a sudden headache in a pregnant mother is often a sign of eclampsia. Especially pregnant mothers with symptoms of elevated blood pressure or severe edema must not ignore it. This may be due to pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. , if not treated in time, it may induce convulsions or even coma. In severe cases, it may endanger the life of mother and child. Therefore, once a pregnant mother has a headache,If you feel pain, you should go to the hospital immediately.

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