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Dietary nutrition for pregnant mothers in the 17th week of pregnancy

Should pregnant mothers eat meals for two? After many women learn that they are pregnant, they begin to work hard to increase their food intake, hoping to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus. In fact, even if a pregnant mother doubles her food intake, it does not mean that the baby can absorb all the nutrients of those foods in the mother\’s belly. Most of the extra food that the pregnant mother eats is likely to become excess fat on her body. The key to whether the child\’s nutrition is sufficient lies in the pregnant mother\’s scientific choice of food, rather than by eating more. Pregnant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in folic acid and vitamins, eat less fried foods and industrially processed foods, and ensure an appropriate amount of fat supply. Pregnant mothers need to supplement trace elements in appropriate amounts. Lack of trace elements during pregnancy is extremely detrimental to the healthy development of the fetus. Iodine is an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroid hormone. Iodine deficiency will inevitably lead to a decrease in thyroid hormone, causing the parts of the cerebral cortex responsible for language, hearing and intelligence to not be fully differentiated and developed during fetal development. Women in iodine-deficient areas should eat more iodine-containing foods after pregnancy and insist on consuming iodized salt. Related reading: Pregnancy symptoms in the 17th week, the umbilical cord becomes the baby’s new toy! If the mother\’s blood copper content is too low during pregnancy, it will cause copper deficiency in the fetus, resulting in a lack of adenosine triphosphate, which is an energy source for the body\’s metabolism, so that it cannot meet the minimum energy of life. At the same time, it can affect the activity of certain enzymes in the fetus and the absorption and movement of iron, thereby causing anemia. To supplement copper, you should eat more sesame seeds, soybeans, spinach, animal liver, etc. Manganese deficiency can cause significant mental retardation. Especially in women during pregnancy, manganese deficiency has a greater impact on the healthy development of the fetus, especially on the fetal bones. Severe deformation of joints often occurs, and the mortality rate is high. Generally speaking, people who eat cereals and vegetables as their main food will not be deficient in manganese. However, if the food is processed too finely, or when dairy products and meat are the main food, they will often suffer from insufficient manganese intake. Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. To sum up, trace elements are indispensable for the healthy development of pregnant mothers and fetuses. Once they are lacking, they will have serious consequences for pregnant mothers and fetuses, and they must be replenished in time. Ingredients for the clear soup hydrangea recipe recommended by nutritionists: 100 grams of pork tenderloin, 50 grams of fat meat, 1 egg (take the egg white), a little each of tender cabbage and dried sea rice. Seasonings: minced onion, minced ginger, coriander segments, salt, pepper water, clear soup, pepper, vinegar and sesame oil. Method: 1. Wash the pork tenderloin, chop it into puree, add egg white and a small amount of water, add salt, minced green onion, and minced ginger and mix well. 2. Wash the fat pork and cabbage and cut them into small pieces. Wash the sea rice and cut into pieces. Put the three together into the meat paste and mix well. Bring water to a boil in a pot, squeeze the minced meat into walnut-sized balls, put them in the pot and cook for a while, then scoop them into a bowl. 3. Put the clear soup in the pot and bring to a boil. Add salt, pepper water, vinegar, pepper, minced green onion, minced ginger, coriander segments, sesame oil, and pour it into a bowl. Serve. Nutritional comments: This soup has good color, aroma and taste, and is rich in nutrients. Pregnant mothers should eat more, which is beneficial to the health of mother and baby.

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