Dietary nutrition for pregnant mothers in the 35th week of pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, you should pay more attention to eating on time and irregularly. Not only is it not good for the fetus, but it is also not good for the pregnant mother. During pregnancy, the fetus is completely dependent on the mother for energy. If the pregnant mother does not eat, the fetus will not get the nutrients it needs, and will absorb the nutrients stored by the pregnant mother itself, causing the pregnant mother\’s body to gradually weaken. If a pregnant mother does not eat on time, skips one meal and eats too much the next meal, then the excess calories will be converted into fat and stored. Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid being too hungry or full, eat on time and eat less snacks. Related articles: Symptoms of Pregnancy in the 35th Week: The Uneasy Waiting for Zinc-Rich Foods Helps Natural Childbirth Studies have shown that the mode of delivery is related to the zinc content of the mother’s diet in the third trimester. The higher your zinc intake, the better your productivity may be. Zinc is an essential trace element for the human body and plays an important role in human body functions. The main effect of zinc on childbirth is to enhance the activity of uterine-related enzymes, promote uterine contraction, and drive the fetus out of the uterine cavity. Foods rich in zinc include meat, seafood, beans, nuts, etc. In particular, some pregnant mothers who prefer vegetarian diets consume very little meat, which will significantly reduce the amount and utilization of zinc. Therefore, vegetarian pregnant mothers should eat more whole grains, beans, peanuts and other foods to increase the absorption of zinc. to aid in natural childbirth. Do not eat wild animals. Many people believe that wild animals have high nutritional value and are very good for nourishing the body of pregnant mothers. In fact, wild animals growing in the wild are easily infected with parasitic diseases or carry various viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Even some viruses and pathogenic bacteria are still unknown. What is particularly dangerous is that many bacteria cannot be diagnosed immediately after being infected, or even if they are diagnosed, there are no specific drugs for treatment. This will cause a delay in the condition, which will affect both the mother and the fetus. produce adverse effects. In addition, many criminals use poison as bait to obtain wild animals. After the poison is accidentally eaten by the animals, it is absorbed into the blood and produces toxic effects that can lead to death. After the animal dies, these poisons still remain in the animal\’s body. During the cooking process, the toxicity of many poisons not only does not weaken, but sometimes becomes stronger. Ingestion by pregnant mothers may lead to miscarriage or more serious consequences. Ingredients for the nourishing recipe recommended by nutritionists: fungus and duck liver stew: 300 grams of fresh duck liver, 20 grams each of red pepper and fungus. Seasoning: Appropriate amounts of vegetable oil, salt, cooking wine, water starch, green onion segments, ginger slices, and sesame oil. Method: 1. Wash the duck liver and cut into thick slices; soak the fungus in warm water, wash and tear into small florets; wash the red pepper and cut into red pepper rings. 2. Add water to the pot, add the duck liver after the water boils, cook for a while over medium heat, remove and rinse. 3. Heat up oil in another pot, sauté onion segments and ginger slices, add duck liver, fungus, and red pepper rings, add a little cooking wine and stir-fry, then add a little water and simmer over medium heat for 5 minutes, and finally add Simmer with salt for 2 minutes to add flavor, thicken with water starch, and drizzle with sesame oil. Nutritional comments: Duck liver is rich in a variety of nutrients and has high iron content. It supplements the vitamin K needs of pregnant mothers and has a good preventive and inhibitory effect on bleeding during childbirth.

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