Dietary principles for pregnant mothers in the 10th week of early pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should not eat too much meat in the 10th week of pregnancy. Meat can supplement some of the nutrients needed by the human body, but eating too much meat will affect the absorption of other nutrients and cause malnutrition. Eating too much meat can also make pregnant mothers and fetuses overweight, causing difficult labor. In addition, it is most suitable for the human body to be in a slightly alkaline state. If you are partial to meat, your body will tend to be acidic, which will easily cause the brain to be dull and inflexible, affecting the baby\’s intellectual development. Pregnant mothers should not eat too much acidic substances in the 10th week of pregnancy. In the third month of pregnancy, pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting are common. Chinese people have always used acidic foods to relieve vomiting during pregnancy, and even used acidic drugs to stop vomiting. This method is not advisable. A long-term acidic constitution not only makes the mother susceptible to certain diseases, but more importantly, affects the normal and healthy growth and development of the fetus, and can even lead to fetal malformations. Pregnant mothers can consume an appropriate amount of \”brain gold\” in the 10th week of early pregnancy. \”Brain gold\” is a buzzword for the unsaturated fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid. Its English abbreviation is DHA, which is essential for the development of the central nervous system and retina of the human brain. Missing nutrients. The human brain has more than 14 billion neurons, and DHA is the main component of human brain cells. 10% of the lipids in human brain cells are DHA. DHA also forms the basis of cephalin and brain cell membranes, and is an essential substance for human brain formation and IQ development. It has a great impact on vision, brain activity, fat metabolism, fetal growth and immune function, and avoids Alzheimer\’s disease. DHA deficiency can cause a series of symptoms, including growth restriction, abnormal skin scales, infertility, intellectual disability, etc. The fetal period is the period when the human body accumulates brain nutrients such as DHA most rapidly, and it is also the period when the brain and vision develop fastest. When pregnant mothers consume DHA and other nutrients, they can be absorbed by the fetus through the umbilical cord to meet the needs of fetal development. Breast milk is the best food for infants and young children. Breastfeeding mothers who consume sufficient amounts of DHA can maintain a high level of DHA in their milk. If fetuses and infants receive insufficient DHA and other nutrients from their mothers and breast milk, the brain development process may be delayed or blocked, their intellectual development will remain at a low level, and it may cause poor vision development in infants and young children. Therefore, it is very necessary for pregnant mothers to take in enough \”brain gold\” in a timely manner. The maternal diet in the 10th week of early pregnancy will affect the baby\’s future lifespan. For a long time, people have been paying attention to the impact of the pregnant mother\’s dietary structure on the health of the child. British scientists recently published the results of a study showing that the offspring of test rats that adopted a reasonable dietary structure lived healthier and longer lives. Studies have shown that \”lightweight\” newborns are prone to heart disease and high blood pressure in adults. This shows that the mother\’s own lack of good nutritional supply will affect the normal development of the fetus. In addition, research has also proven that the development of the fetus during pregnancy has a great impact on the length of its life after birth. According to the experimental results, different nutritional supplies during human pregnancy have a great impact on the life span of the child, and can even affect whether the child lives to 50 years old or longer. \”Grow healthy,Intrauterine Origin”.

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