Dietary principles for pregnant mothers in the 27th week of pregnancy

Do not take large amounts of cod liver oil. The main components of cod liver oil are vitamin A and vitamin D. Appropriate supplementation of cod liver oil during pregnancy is beneficial to maternal health and fetal development, and is also beneficial to the absorption of calcium by pregnant mothers. However, if one-sidedly believes that taking more cod liver oil is better, it will cause harm to pregnant mothers and fetuses. Taking too much vitamin A will cause fetal skeletal malformations, cleft palate, and eye and brain malformations, while taking too much vitamin D will cause skin itching, hair loss, and underdevelopment of the fetal aorta, pulmonary and renal arteries in pregnant mothers. Narrow and other defects. Therefore, it is not advisable to take large amounts of cod liver oil for a long time during pregnancy. Is it good for pregnant mothers to eat walnuts? Walnuts, also known as walnuts, have high nutritional value and medicinal value. There is a saying among the people that \”eating walnuts often will rejuvenate you\”. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine also believes that walnuts have the functions of strengthening the brain, tonifying the kidneys, warming the lungs, benefiting the liver, strengthening the tendons, and strengthening the bones. It is believed that regular consumption of walnuts can nourish the blood vessels, make hair and beard black, and is also beneficial to neurasthenia, memory loss, and sexual dysfunction. certain therapeutic effect. Modern research has found that every 100 grams of walnut kernels has the same nutritional value as 5 kilograms of eggs and 9 kilograms of fresh milk, and can produce 2803 dry joules (670 dry calories). The unsaturated fatty acids contained in walnut kernels can reduce blood cholesterol; the phospholipids contained in walnut kernels can promote cell vitality, increase the body\’s resistance, enhance the function of brain nerves, and are beneficial to hematopoietic function, hair growth and wound healing. Promoting effect; the linoleic acid contained in it can beautify the skin. Pregnant mothers often eat walnuts, which can promote the growth and development of fetal brain cells, bones and hair. Pregnant mothers should not eat hot spices. Star anise, fennel, cumin, pepper, pepper, allspice, cinnamon, chili powder, etc. that people often eat in daily life are all hot spices. Pregnant mothers often eat these spices, which are very harmful to their health. During pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant mothers is higher than usual, and the intestines are also very dry. Spices are just hot and irritating, which can easily consume the water in the intestines, reduce the secretion of gastrointestinal glands, and cause constipation and other symptoms. . After intestinal constipation, pregnant mothers will forcefully hold their breath to defecate. This will cause increased abdominal pressure and compress the fetus in the abdomen, which can easily lead to unfavorable consequences such as fetal movement, premature rupture of amniotic fluid, and miscarriage. Pregnant mothers should eat more sesame paste. The nutrition of pregnant mothers is directly related to the health of the baby. Experts remind that you can eat more sesame paste during pregnancy. Related articles: Symptoms of pregnancy in the 27th week: You can already tell the gender of your baby. Tahini is a condiment with unique nutrition. It is rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, riboflavin and aromatic sesame phenol, which are exactly Pregnant mothers consume nutrients needed for the growth and development of their fetuses. Each 100 grams of pure sesame paste contains up to 58 milligrams of iron, which is twice the iron content of pig liver and six times that of egg yolks. Therefore, pregnant mothers can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia by appropriately increasing the intake of sesame paste in their meals. Tahini is also high in calcium, with 870 mg of calcium per 100 grams. For example, the calcium contained in eating 10 grams of sesame paste is equivalent to the calcium contained in eating 30 grams of tofu or 140 grams of cabbage. Therefore, pregnant mothers eating some sesame paste in moderation can also help the fetus.Development of bones and teeth in children.

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