Do fetuses with severe morning sickness have high IQs?

A friend of mine has been particularly worried these days. She said in her girlfriends group that she was just over 2 months pregnant. Although she was very happy to be a mother, her daily morning sickness was really unbearable. She vomited no matter what she ate, and when it was severe, she could vomit acidic water. She lost 5 pounds after pregnancy compared with before pregnancy, which made her very worried: \”I vomit like this every day, how can the baby absorb nutrients?\” Three months is a critical period for fetal development. Will morning sickness affect the development of intelligence?\” Just when she was worried, another friend replied: \”I was vomiting basically during the entire pregnancy, but I My daughter is very smart. Now she is 3 years old. She is really smart. My mother-in-law said that the more severe the morning sickness, the higher the baby’s IQ. Don’t worry, your baby will definitely be smart in the future.” Many pregnant mothers say when they suffer from morning sickness , have all heard some opinions about morning sickness. So, is morning sickness related to a baby’s IQ? Does it mean that the worse the morning sickness is, the higher the baby’s IQ will be? Morning sickness refers to the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite that occur in pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. When pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, they not only feel physically uncomfortable, but also feel emotionally irritable and anxious. At this time, some elders or family members may want to comfort the emotions of pregnant women, so they say such words from the perspective of \”psychological comfort\” to relieve their stress and discomfort and make them feel uncomfortable. Not so worried anymore. Another situation is that some mothers happen to have severe morning sickness during pregnancy, and their children develop very smartly, so they connect the two. And when pregnant mothers talk about such a topic, they share their experiences and spread the word, and everyone spreads the word. In fact, from a scientific point of view, there is no direct relationship between morning sickness and a baby’s IQ. Zheng Yuqiao\’s Parenting Encyclopedia + Zheng Yuqiao\’s Parenting Scripture pdf download [6 volumes in total] However, there is one thing that pregnant mothers should pay attention to. When morning sickness is severe or you feel uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital for a check-up in time to avoid malnutrition. It is harmful and affects the nutrient absorption and development of the fetus. ★So, how to relieve morning sickness? Expectant mothers, take a look at this: Eat more and less: Pregnant mothers can eat in several portions, and the amount of food each time should not be too large to avoid nausea and other reactions caused by overfullness of the stomach. At the same time, pregnant mothers should try their best to choose easily digestible foods, such as soft noodles, millet porridge, light vegetables, etc. Diet choices: Eat as many carbohydrate foods as possible, such as rice, bread, potatoes, etc.; eat less greasy or irritating foods, such as chili peppers, fried foods, coffee, etc. Increase water intake: Drinking an appropriate amount of water can also have a certain effect on relieving morning sickness. If the pregnant mother feels that the drinking water has no taste, she can add some lemon juice, ginger slices and other seasonings appropriately, which will also help digestion. Moderate exercise: Moderate exercise can improve blood circulation and metabolism and help relieve morning sickness. However, it is not easy for pregnant mothers to do extensive exercise. They can try light exercises such as slow walking and pregnancy yoga. Adjust sleeping position: When sleeping, pregnant women are advised to sleep on their side, which can promote gastric exhaust and reduce appetite.Symptoms such as fatigue and acid reflux. Use traditional Chinese medicine: If the symptoms of morning sickness are severe, you can consider using some traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. But if you want to adjust it, you need to do it under the guidance of a doctor, and you cannot make it at will. Although these methods have a certain effect in relieving morning sickness, pregnant mothers need to pay attention: if the symptoms of morning sickness are too severe and even lead to problems such as dehydration and malnutrition, they still need to seek medical treatment in time. Doctors will give corresponding conditioning plans based on the specific conditions of pregnant women to ensure the health of mother and baby. You must not resist on your own. After all, pregnant mothers are not fighting alone, but two people. The baby in the belly needs nutrition and protection from the mother. Therefore, when you feel uncomfortable, you still need to be more cautious. Only by knowing the cause of your morning sickness can you find a solution that suits you, relieve morning sickness, and allow your baby to develop healthily. When pregnant mothers experience symptoms of morning sickness, they will feel a little anxious. Coupled with physical discomfort and emotional instability, it is easy for them to lose their temper, be irritable, etc. I hope that family members can understand the hardships and difficulties of pregnant mothers and help them relieve morning sickness and get through this stage. I believe that the baby can be born safely and smoothly. Moms, did you suffer from severe morning sickness during your pregnancy?

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