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Do pacifiers have any effect on babies?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

Pacifiers have an impact on babies, but the effects vary from person to person. Here are some possible effects: Anxiety-reducing pacifiers can reduce anxiety by making your baby feel reassured and comfortable. This is good for some babies who are prone to anxiety. Delayed language development Long-term pacifier use may affect your baby\’s oral muscle development, thereby delaying language development. Therefore, parents should try to reduce the time their baby uses a pacifier as much as possible and help the baby adapt to a life without a pacifier as soon as possible. Long-term use of pacifiers may cause dental deformities, such as protruding front teeth and uneven teeth. This can affect your baby\’s oral health and even require corrective treatment. Causes nipple confusion If your baby uses a pacifier and a pacifier at the same time, it may cause nipple confusion, which can affect breastfeeding. Therefore, parents should try to avoid babies using pacifiers and nipples at the same time. In short, pacifiers have an impact on babies, but the specific impact varies from person to person. Parents should use pacifiers appropriately according to their baby\’s situation and needs, and minimize the time of use to avoid affecting the baby\’s oral health and language development.

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