Do pregnant women need to supplement dha? Will the baby come out smarter? The truth is…

Question 1: Do pregnant women need to take DHA supplements during pregnancy? At what month is it appropriate to start eating? Many people around me say that if you supplement DHA during pregnancy, the baby will have a smart brain. What can you eat more to make your baby smarter? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: DHA is a health product and has no definite effect, so you don’t need to eat it. These are the selling points of merchants. Currently, there are too many health products and they are all unreliable. There is nothing you can eat to make you smart. It is more important to keep your mood comfortable and eat a balanced diet. If you want to take nutritional supplements during pregnancy, pregnant women can use milk powder, eggs, fish, meat, shrimp, etc. Just keep the nutrition balanced. Question 2: A 58-day-old baby has recovered from fever a few days ago. However, the milk volume has decreased and the stool count has increased in the past few days. What is going on? Dr. Wang Yanli’s answer: If your child has a fever and weakens his/her gastrointestinal function, he or she will eat less milk, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction and increased stool frequency. You can take probiotics for a few days to regulate the function of your digestive tract. Question 3: My baby is one year and ten months old and his penis becomes erect while sleeping. Is this normal? Dr. Li Tinghui answered: It is normal for the baby\’s testicles to secrete androgens during sleep to promote growth.

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