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Don’t be careless if your baby has barbs on his fingers, it’s the right thing to do as a mother

Last weekend, classmate Zhe and his good friend Tongtong went to play downstairs. A house in the community was being renovated and a pile of sand was unloaded in the yard. The two children were really excited after seeing it. After saying hello to the owner and telling the children not to leave sand everywhere, the two children had a great time playing with the sand. Yesterday, Tongtong’s mother sent me a WeChat message saying that she found barbs on Tongtong’s fingers. Tongtong would pick at it from time to time, revealing red blood streaks, and asked me if it was a vitamin deficiency? My first reaction was that the pile of sand must be to blame: children go out in autumn and winter, and washing hands is not as convenient as at home. I often forget to apply hand cream after washing my hands. It is normal for my hands to be dry. This season, let alone children, adults often get hangnails due to dryness. If you pull them off with your hands, it will feel so sore, you know. When I first came to the heating system last year, because I neglected my children\’s hand care, my classmate Zhe would involuntarily pick at his hangnails, which resulted in redness and swelling in the nail groove of his thumb. He kept complaining of pain, and even in severe cases, he was not allowed to wipe his hands. At that time, many people around me said that it might be a vitamin deficiency, so I did a good job on this issue and now share some of my experiences with everyone. Is hangnails really a vitamin deficiency? We blame calcium and vitamins for many problems in children. For example, when a child goes for a physical examination when he is a child, and the child has bald pillows, the community doctor says he is deficient in calcium. When classmate Zhe suffered from periungual redness and swelling caused by hangnails, I once specifically asked the dermatologist if he was suffering from vitamin deficiency. The answer I received was: If there are only barbs around the nails, it means that it is just a local skin discomfort. If there is a real lack of a certain vitamin, other parts of the body will also send signals. If you think about it carefully, this is indeed the case. In the humid summer, adults and children rarely have barbs, while autumn and winter are the seasons when barbs are most common. If a child is really deficient in vitamins, it is unlikely that he will get sick during the season! Why do fingers get hangnails easily? Barbs are called \”reverse peeling\” in medicine because the skin around the nails is relatively weak and lacks sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The cuticle here is always accumulated and thickened, often in a state of dehydration, and is particularly prone to dryness. After the stratum corneum continues to accumulate and become keratinized, cracking will occur if care is not taken properly. Due to dry weather and various frictions, the cracks will increase, resulting in barbs – after playing in the sand, Tongtong\’s mother did not apply baby cream to her child in time that night, resulting in barbs appearing around the nails due to dryness. Children always like to get hangnails because of these things. In addition to dry skin, the following factors are also the \”culprits\” of hangnails. Physical Friction Children are lively and active, constantly exploring the world with their hands. Babies love to pick holes and pinch small things. Their little hands are always in close contact with various objects. If they encounter something with a rough surface, the friction will also increase. , causing irritation to the skin around the hands. This is the case with the aforementioned child who started getting hangnails after playing in the sand. If the nails are cut too short, the originally protruding nails can resist some external stimuli. If the nails are cut too short, the area where the baby\’s fingertips contact objects will increase when the baby plays, and the probability of friction on the skin on both sides of the nails will also increase. presence of nailsRisk of nail bed dissection. Before I bit my nails, my colleague\’s child basically slept with his father because his mother was a light sleeper. The child developed the habit of biting his fingers to comfort himself while sleeping, and was violently stopped by his father countless times. Now over 8 years old, he still bites his nails when doing homework and playing games. The last time I saw this child, I found that the nail on his left thumb was not fully grown, and the periungual skin had a large area of ​​wrinkles and fish scales – the habit of biting his nails made it difficult for the cuticle to recover, and there were always barbs. Appear. Nail biting is an external manifestation of psychological emotions. This behavior will occur when you are nervous, anxious, or when your need for sucking is not met. Therefore, no matter what age group, when children exhibit abnormal behavior, we should not treat them harshly. We should look for the reasons behind the behavior in order to prescribe the right medicine. Regarding barbs, have you done the right thing? Early winter is the most important time to prevent barbs. It is a good time to prevent barbs. In order to prevent the child from swallowing care products when eating or eating, you can apply some baby cream on the baby\’s ten fingers before going to bed to achieve a moisturizing effect, do a good job of moisturizing, fight against dryness, and \”block\” the barbs in the bud. Before. Soak first and then cut. If hangnails are found, be sure to remember the principle of “soak first and then cut.” It is difficult for children to soak calmly for 5 minutes. You can put toys in the wash basin for them to wash, or trim the fingers neatly after the bath while the skin softens. Without the process of hand soaking, new tears in the skin may occur during trimming, increasing the risk of new hangnails. Prune immediately when small signs are found. In order to prevent children from involuntarily picking at barbs, we usually need to pay more attention to children\’s hands. If we find a slight barb, we should immediately take care of it according to the above-mentioned soaking and pruning method. How to prevent hangnails from appearing at home, vitamin E oil is the best choice. Topical vitamin E can promote blood circulation, speed up skin metabolism, and is beneficial to cell repair and regeneration. The oil in vitamin E capsules can be applied to skin with barbs. Foods rich in vitamin E can also be made into care products. Almond paste Almonds are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which not only nourish nails and cuticles, but also reduce pain caused by periungual inflammation and swelling. The method is to soak the almonds in water overnight, peel off the outer layer, mash them into a paste, and fix them to your fingers with gauze. Honey Honey can moisturize the periungual skin and also contains antibacterial substances from nectar plants. It has antibacterial effects when used externally and can resist infection to a certain extent. Apply it on your fingers and don\’t worry about your children eating it. Of course, this method is not suitable for babies under 1 year old who have barbs to prevent the child from swallowing them. Aloe Vera Aloe vera has moisturizing, soothing and antibacterial properties that can promote the recovery of hangnails. Apply fresh aloe vera gel to your fingers and repeat for several days to prevent microbial infections caused by hangnails.

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