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Don\’t be shy! Posture chart for sexual life during pregnancy, safe and happy

Some people enjoy sex during pregnancy, while others abstain from sex. In fact, proper and correct sexual life can bring a wonderful experience during pregnancy. How to enjoy the pleasure of fish and water during pregnancy requires both skills and posture. Expectant mothers and fathers come and learn! Can I have sex during pregnancy? Most people think of pregnancy as a pathological condition and that women are extremely vulnerable during pregnancy. Although women do have some health risks and physical inconveniences during pregnancy, which can lead to difficulties in sexual life, in most cases, there is no need to prohibit sexual life during pregnancy, and there is no reason to treat pregnant women as weak and sick. People look at it. Some couples encounter difficulties or discomfort in their sexual life and think that they cannot have sexual intercourse during pregnancy. However, the reason is often due to incorrect methods. In this case, learning and understanding the appropriate methods of sexual intercourse during pregnancy is the correct solution. By following some principles, your sex life during pregnancy can also be perfect! GET Precautions for sexual life during pregnancy > Using condoms Condoms can reduce the contact with body fluids and reduce the chance of infection for pregnant mothers, so it is best to communicate openly with your partner during pregnancy and don’t forget condoms. >General postures in early pregnancy are acceptable, but be careful not to put too much pressure on the pregnant woman’s abdomen. Adjust your posture as your pregnancy progresses. As a pregnant woman\’s belly gradually gets bigger, the traditional man-on-top and woman-down position may make her feel uncomfortable. In this case, you can try positions such as woman-on-top and man-down position. > Women should avoid lying down in the supine position during late pregnancy because the enlarged uterus will compress the large blood vessels when the pregnant woman is lying down, which will not only cause pelvic pain, but also cause changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and show symptoms such as dizziness, which is supine hypotension syndrome. . >Oral sex is relatively safe, but when your partner gives you oral sex, you need to be careful not to blow air into the vagina. Because in rare cases, air may enter the blood vessels and cause air embolism, which can eventually lead to pulmonary embolism, which can threaten the lives of you and your child. >Anal sex is strictly prohibited because the incidence of hemorrhoids increases during pregnancy, anal sex makes you feel uncomfortable, and it may spread bacteria from the rectum to the vagina, causing infection. The perfect posture for sex during pregnancy GET >> Hugging posture This is a very comfortable posture that puts no pressure on the pregnant woman\’s abdomen, and the couple can do a lot of movements, and the man can enter from behind at different angles. When assuming this position, be careful not to lie on your right side. Lying on your left side is recommended. >>Female Top For some women, this position is ideal. It allows women to freely control the depth and angle during sexual intercourse. However, women in the third trimester of pregnancy may feel more fatigued if they adopt this posture, and they must also pay attention to maintaining balance. >>Doggy style For some people, it is easier to stimulate the G-spot. By adopting this position, you can find pleasure without changing positions so frequently. This position can be performed in bed and elsewhere, and can be slightly modified to provide a more comfortable support for women. >>The bedside position makes it easier for pregnant couples to find a very comfortable feeling. Women can lean on the edge of the bed to support their back; men can stay slightly away from the bed and useKneeling or standing. This position can also be combined with the doggy style, but at this time the woman needs to lie on the edge of the bed with her upper body and keep her abdomen away from the bed without compressing it. >>If you adopt this position face-to-face, the couple will have more equal physical contact, but it may be difficult to enter. You can try crossing your legs together. This position is the same as the cuddle and puts no pressure on the abdomen. High-risk pregnant women should abstain from sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Moderate orgasms can cause uterine contractions, which is an exercise for the fetus. Healthy pregnant women can enjoy pleasure during pregnancy. However, high-risk pregnant women should refrain from sexual intercourse during pregnancy. For example, pregnant women with a history of miscarriage, vaginal bleeding, painful intercourse, etc., as well as pregnant women with pregnancy complications (such as pregnancy complicated by hepatitis, heart disease, and elevated blood pressure, etc.) should avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy to avoid injury.

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