Don’t miss the best time and tips for conception

Many factors such as age, season, environment, nutrition and mood at the time of conception determine the quality of eggs and sperm. In order to give birth to a smart and healthy baby, choose the best time to conceive! Don’t miss the following best times and tips for conceiving. If you have early pregnancy symptoms, it is recommended that you study in advance. It is always good to know more. Best months for pregnancy: June and July. After about 3 months of early pregnancy discomfort, it is autumn, when fruits and vegetables are rich in variety, fresh and delicious. At this time, the early pregnancy symptoms of the expectant mother have basically disappeared, her appetite has increased, and she can have Supplement nutrients and adjust your diet in a planned way. Best days: the day of ovulation, 3 days before and 1 day after ovulation. Best time: Generally speaking, 9 to 10 pm is the best time to conceive in the same room. After having sex at this time, women lying down and sleeping for a long time will help sperm swim and increase the chance of sperm and egg meeting. Best Mood: The psychological state during conception is closely related to eugenics. When the human body is in a good mental state, energy, physical strength, intelligence, and sexual functions are at a climax, and the quality of sperm and eggs is also high. There is no depression or worry during sex, both husband and wife are in good spirits and feel comfortable. Fertilization occurs at this time, and it is easy for the fertilized egg to implant in the bed and become pregnant.

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