Don’t take pregnancy seriously. The whole process of pregnancy for a man.

Some people have a baby during pregnancy. They are held and pampered in various ways. They are afraid of melting in their mouths and breaking into pieces when they are put in their arms. After being constantly nurtured and exaggerated by their family members, they themselves become pretentious; but I live a life that is Like a grass, I am a born optimist. When the sky falls, I only use it as a quilt, but everything goes smoothly. My friends say that I am lucky, but I feel that there is an inevitable connection. What do you think? Let us first take a look at some messages from friends: I think optimism is the most important thing. A good mood can really solve many problems. Especially in the face of problems that have already occurred, it is best to face them positively and remain optimistic. processing method. Alas, sometimes the most important caution is of no use. Just like many people now claim to be pregnancy experts. If you can’t eat this, you can’t eat that, then what else can you eat? ! After a month of persistence, the doctor told me that I was malnourished and needed to take supplements in time! ! ! I\’m furious! ! To put it bluntly, I am now more than three months pregnant, and I am still like a monkey. My hands and feet are sensitive and I can move easily. Any discomfort caused by morning sickness is just a cloud. I started to dislike eating meat gradually during my pregnancy, but my appetite is basically good. I only gained two pounds, and it is still on the rise, haha. When I was pregnant with my eldest child, my morning sickness was particularly severe, and then I became very worried, and then it became even more serious… When I was pregnant with my second child, I was familiar with the process, basically just eating and drinking, and enjoying the queen\’s treatment. The morning sickness was much better. Although I can’t believe it, your mood is really very important, especially when your husband and mother-in-law don’t love you… I want to cry~ Hey, I went to watch a Korean drama! In the first trimester, my workload was even greater than normal. I vomited from the 30th day to the 90th day, which was almost crazy. I didn’t go for my first prenatal check-up until three months later. I didn’t know how much my progesterone was. I was confused for four and a half months when the fetal heartbeat and buds appeared. It turned out that all I could do was keep a good mood. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M You see, I am not the only one who has this experience. Don\’t take pregnancy as a big deal, and nothing will happen! ! ! (Of course, if you have serious pregnancy symptoms, you must follow the doctor\’s advice and go to the doctor on time. What we say about \”not taking it seriously\” actually means that you must be optimistic, no matter what happens) Finally, share my story and experience , I hope the sisters who are struggling with me can encourage each other~! Let me talk about my pregnancy first. It was really a pure accident. In the final analysis, I relied too much on the \”safety period\”. Here, I would also like to remind all sisters, don’t take any chances and be prepared to accept unexpected events at any time. In addition, some popular science: In fact, there is no real safety at all, but the relative probability is low. If you think you will not be so unlucky, it only means you are too young! The day I found out I was pregnant, I bought almost all the brands of test strips in the drugstore. The two deep red lines scared me so much that I didn’t eat for a whole day. As for my husband, he just smoked in the corner and it took a long, long time to hold it in. The phrase \”give birth\”. Fortunately, although my family is very poor, my husband is still quite responsible. NextIt’s just endless examinations and morning sickness. Everyone’s symptoms of morning sickness are different. So far, no medical science can give a reasonable explanation. If it is divided into mild, moderate and severe, then it should be super severe for me! When I asked the doctor, he couldn\’t tell me anything. I could only rely on my strong will to eat, vomit, eat again, and vomit again. My husband and family were too distressed and overwhelmed, but I bent over. The words \”I want to eat kebabs\” popped out from my waist as I was gagging. It is said that people who are in a good mood will not have bad luck. After several checks, the child did not have any major problems. As for the second and third trimesters, it was completely fine. The stage of my enjoyment is almost the same as that of normal people. Here is another popular science: there is nothing to avoid during pregnancy! Important things to say again, there are no taboos! Facts have proved that there is nothing wrong with the child. I don’t really recommend taking supplements during pregnancy, as it can easily cause a double burden on the mind and body. Of course, I\’m not recommending that you cook like me. Beer, skewers, ice cream, hot and sour noodles, hot pot… there\’s a lot of everything. In fact, the key point I want to announce is to maintain a good mood and then treat your entire pregnancy from a different perspective. Of course, this includes cherishing the people around you who care about you, because pregnancy can make you understand that \”your family really loves you.\” Maybe you don\’t agree with my experience and think people should live a more refined life. Yes, I\’m just not squeamish or pretentious, and I\’m very attentive to things that need attention! For example: 1) No need to supplement if there is too much, take one multivitamin daily. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching them. 2) Go to bed early and get up early, because part of the child’s sleeping habits after birth are brought from the mother’s womb. 3) Start exercising after the second trimester, and do yoga for pregnant women if possible. The worst is to walk downstairs in the community, one hour a day, and give birth in minutes! 4) Don’t just talk about caesarean section. Give birth if you can, unless the birth conditions don’t allow it. 5) Be sure to pay attention to the safety of your feet, because when you have a big belly, you have a poor sense of balance and it is easy to fall. 6) Keep a calm mind, don’t be impatient, impetuous, angry, cry, and be a quiet and beautiful girl. 7) Cherish the people who love you and the people you love, treat the world optimistically, and a good \”pregnancy\” will surely happen!

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