Early pregnancy symptoms [13th week]

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy 13th Week Pregnant Mother\’s Body Changes Although the pregnant mother\’s belly has not yet undergone noticeable changes this week, skin and flesh have begun to accumulate in areas such as the buttocks, under the ribs, and inner thighs. Daily clothes are now worn. Already feeling uncomfortable. Multiparous women experience faster changes than first-time mothers. A pregnant mother\’s breasts gradually increase in size after pregnancy, and by the third trimester, their weight reaches 2 to 4 times that before pregnancy. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the breasts begin to develop, and lumps can be felt, and occasionally pain can be felt. In addition, the color of the nipples also begins to darken. More related articles: A complete list of symptoms of early pregnancy: Pregnant mothers will have stretch marks on their abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks. Some people have very obvious stretch marks, while others have no stretch marks at all. Stretch marks usually appear due to sudden weight gain. The color of stretch marks will become lighter after childbirth, but they will not disappear completely. Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. The development of the baby in the 13th week. Now, the face of the fetus is almost completely formed. At this time, the eyes found a place next to the nose, and the ears also found a home on both sides of the head. The eyelids still cover the eyes, but the eyes are fully grown. The fetus responds to the sounds in the mother\’s belly and squirms around. If you touch the fetal hand across the abdomen, the hand will retract. If you touch the fetal foot, the foot will also retract. Stimulate any part of the fetal body, and the fetal brain will feel it and instruct the stimulated part to respond. This is a conditioned reflex. The fetal body tissues and various organs mature at a faster rate. The organs, which started out as a giant umbilical cord, now begin to move toward the sunken part of the fetal abdomen.

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