Early pregnancy symptoms, 13th week prenatal education enlightenment

Fetal Movement and Baby Safety After 3 months of pregnancy, the baby begins to take on a human shape and swims freely like a fish in the amniotic fluid. Because the baby is smaller at this time and has more amniotic fluid, although the baby is moving or even moving to a large extent, the pregnant mother may not be able to feel it. Some pregnant mothers may feel fetal movement after 16 weeks of pregnancy. However, pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time often do not notice fetal movement until 18 to 20 weeks due to lack of experience. Fetal movement is one of the baby\’s normal physiological activities. It is related to the baby\’s muscle tone, nervous system function and maternal oxygen supply. The fetal movements of quiet babies are softer and less frequent, while the fetal movements of excited babies are large and frequent. When the baby is stimulated by external stimuli such as sound and vibration, the fetal movement will increase. When the baby is hypoxic, the fetal movement will decrease. The fetal movement is the least between 2 to 5 pm in the day, the most active and frequent fetal movement from 6 pm to 11 pm, and the fetal movement is the most active in the morning and morning. between the two. If fetal movement disappears for 24 to 48 hours, the baby may die and the fetal heartbeat will also disappear. Sun exposure for the fetus should be moderate. Pregnant mothers should be exposed to the sun more often, which can enable the skin to synthesize vitamin D under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays of sunlight, thereby promoting the fetus\’s absorption of calcium, which is beneficial to bone growth and calcification. However, being exposed to the sun for too long will have a certain impact on the health of pregnant mothers, and the skin will be damaged by ultraviolet rays. If you sunbathe for a long time, the pigment spots on the pregnant mother\’s face will deepen or increase, aggravating the already existing pregnancy butterfly spots. Excessive sun exposure may also cause solar dermatitis (also known as sunburn or sunburn), especially in early summer. The skin does not yet have enough melanin to protect it, and dermatitis is more likely to occur. In addition, due to the effect of sunlight on blood vessels, it will aggravate varicose veins in pregnant mothers. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary and beneficial for pregnant mothers to get enough sunshine, but too much sunbathing is not good. Just sunbathe for 1 hour under indirect sunlight every day. Let the fetus feel the warm atmosphere in the womb. When the baby is 4 months old, the diencephalon or old cortex part of the brain that controls instinct, desire and psychological state has been formed. When the pregnant mother is emotionally unstable, the hormones in the blood will Changes will occur. The blood enters the baby\’s blood and diencephalon through the placenta. When the diencephalon is stimulated, the baby\’s actions will change. If the baby feels the warm, harmonious and loving atmosphere in the womb, the baby will be assimilated and aware of the beauty and joy of life, and can gradually form the foundation of a good character such as loving life, being lively and outgoing, and being decisive and confident. On the contrary, the baby will feel pain and may be lonely, cowardly, inferior and suspicious in the future. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose some good prenatal education music for the unborn baby. Related reading: Free download of 27 sets of prenatal education music with the best sound quality exclusive on the entire network. Family members, especially husbands, should be more considerate of their wives, for the safety and safety of the unborn baby. To form a good character foundation, it is necessary to avoid asking pregnant mothers to do heavy housework activities, reduce the burden on pregnant mothers, keep pregnant mothers in a calm and cheerful state at all times, and keep the pregnant mother\’s body in good condition, so that the pregnant mother can The baby grows up healthily and smoothly in a comfortable environment.

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