Early pregnancy symptoms and daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 12th week

Pregnant mothers should keep in mind when driving that our lives have entered the automobile age. Cars are becoming easier to operate and road conditions are getting better and better. As long as the pregnant mother\’s physical condition is normal, she can drive. What needs to be noted is that Do not drive long distances or for long periods of time to avoid driving fatigue. If you are fixed in a car seat for a long time, the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and uterus of pregnant women will be poor, and there is a risk of venous thrombosis. In addition, pay attention to fastening the seat belt. The way for pregnant mothers to fasten the seat belt is not to fasten it on the chest and abdomen, but to fix the lower waist on the seat, the shoulder belt between the breasts, and the abdominal belt on the suprapubic area. Also, please do not exceed 60 kilometers per hour, avoid emergency braking, and do not drive on the highway. Related articles: A complete list of symptoms of early pregnancy: Pregnant mothers should be knowledgeable about wearing underwear. During pregnancy, due to endocrine changes, the pregnant mother\’s skin will become particularly sensitive. She should choose cotton underwear with a higher density to prevent skin discomfort. In addition, pregnant mothers should not wear bras for a long time. They should wear them during the day and loosen them at night. Avoid tight bras that compress your breasts. And choose a bra that is too big rather than too small, which is conducive to the normal circulation of lymph fluid. Pregnant mothers should also be careful not to wash their bras with other clothes in the washing machine to avoid contamination with bacteria. Pregnant mothers should dress loosely after pregnancy. As the fetus continues to grow and develop in the mother\’s body, the mother\’s body will undergo significant physiological and physical changes. If your abdomen gradually becomes rounder and your waist thicker, you may have difficulty moving. At the same time, in order to adapt to the needs of breastfeeding. Pregnant mothers\’ breasts also gradually become fuller. In addition, the pregnant mother and the fetus need more oxygen, the respiratory ventilation volume will also increase, the amount of chest rise and fall will increase, and the pregnant mother\’s chest circumference will also increase. If you wear the original clothes again, especially tight clothes, it will affect breathing and blood circulation and limit the fetal activities. Generally speaking, pregnant mothers are prone to sweating in summer, so they should wear clothes that are not close to the body, have good breathability, strong sweat absorption capabilities, are good for preventing heatstroke, or are easy to put on and take off. In terms of color, bright and bright clothes should be preferred, so that such clothes are comfortable to wear. Appearing energetic is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the mother and fetus. In terms of style selection, it is better to wear a style that can better reflect the beauty of the breast curve and make the bulging abdomen less prominent, such as wearing a dress without a waist, or Clothes with pleated chests and wide hems, pants with wide waists, or overalls. In winter, you should wear thick, warm and loose clothes, such as down jackets or cotton clothes, which are cold-proof and lightweight. There are many maternity clothes for sale on the market now, and pregnant women can choose the maternity clothes that suit them. Pregnant mothers should not wear contact lenses during pregnancy, because the water content of the cornea of ​​pregnant mothers is higher than that of ordinary people, and the cornea has poor air permeability. If you wear contact lenses at this time, it is easy to cause corneal edema due to hypoxia and cause harm to the eyes. At the same time, the corneal curvature of pregnant mothers will also change with changes in the pregnancy cycle and personal physique, causing the degree of myopia to increase or decrease. If you reluctantly wear the original contact lenses, the discomfort may cause the new blood vessels in the eyeball to grow significantly, and even cause the corneal epithelium to peel off. At this time, once the contact lens is unclean, it is easier for bacteria to breed, causing corneal inflammation, ulcers, and even corneal inflammation.to blindness.

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