Early pregnancy symptoms and dietary principles for pregnant mothers in the second week

What are the dietary requirements for pregnant mothers in the second week of early pregnancy symptoms? As expectant mothers, we have to pay attention to avoid some unexpected phenomena. Today Doudehui will talk to expectant mothers about the dietary principles in the second week of pregnancy, hoping to bring you some practical suggestions. Early Pregnancy Symptoms Dietary Guidance for Pregnant Mothers in Week 2 During the 0 to 4 weeks of pregnancy, due to the small size of the embryo, the amount of food and nutrients required by the pregnant mother are basically similar to those in the early stages of pregnancy. The minimum daily nutritional needs of pregnant mothers generally include 200 grams of staple food, more than 40 grams of protein (equivalent to 50 grams of lean meat + 2 eggs), and on this basis, high-quality protein, such as lean pork, liver, milk, chicken, eggs Categories, fish, etc. At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplementing vitamin C and eat more fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits and bean products such as spinach and kiwi fruit. At this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating foods that are easy to digest, light and less greasy and suitable for taste, and avoid eating overly greasy and irritating foods. The daily diet of pregnant mothers can be adjusted to small meals with frequent meals, and complementary foods can be added 2 to 3 times a day. The amount of complementary foods should not be too much. When pregnant mothers have severe pregnancy reactions every morning, they should try to eat some easily digestible foods such as toast and steamed buns, drink more water, keep their mood comfortable, overcome nausea, vomiting and other pregnancy reactions, and keep eating. Pregnant mothers should eat more fish. If women eat fish every week before and during pregnancy, the probability of their future babies suffering from eczema will decrease by 43%. Danish researchers recently found that pregnant mothers who regularly eat fish are much less likely to have premature births and give birth to babies with low birth weight than those who don\’t eat fish or rarely eat fish. The survey also found that eating fish once a week can reduce the possibility of premature birth for pregnant mothers who never eat fish from 7.1% to 1.9%. Researchers concluded that fish is beneficial to pregnant mothers because fish is rich in amino acids, lecithin, potassium, calcium, zinc and other trace elements, which are essential substances for fetal development, especially the development of the nervous system. Moreover, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can prolong pregnancy, prevent premature birth, and can also effectively increase the baby\’s birth weight. Therefore, there are many benefits for pregnant mothers to eat fish. Pregnant mothers should eat more soy foods. Beans are important brain-building foods. If pregnant mothers can eat more soy foods, it will be very beneficial to the formation of the fetus and the fetal brain. Pregnant mothers should drink soy milk regularly or alternately with milk. Tofu is also a kind of soy product. Its protein content accounts for 35.3% and its fat content accounts for 19%. 100 grams of tofu contains 120 mg of calcium. Therefore, tofu is a very good brain-building food. Pregnant mothers can eat more, but Elderly mothers should eat as little as possible. Pregnant mothers should eat more tender corn. Among all staple foods, corn has the highest nutritional value and health care effects. The vitamin content in corn is very high, 5 to 10 times that of rice and wheat. For pregnant mothers, eating more tender corn has many benefits, because the rich vitamin E in tender corn kernels helps to prevent miscarriage and can be used to prevent and treat habitual miscarriage, fetal dysplasia, etc. In addition, the vitamin B1 contained in tender corn can increase the appetite of pregnant mothers, promote fetal development, and improve the nervous system.system function. Tender corn also contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can accelerate the excretion of carcinogens and other toxins. If consumed by pregnant women with constipation, it can alleviate the condition. Okay, that’s all for today. Here’s more about early pregnancy symptoms, if you don’t already. Click here to read: What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?

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