Early pregnancy symptoms and prenatal education enlightenment for the 12th week fetus

Quarrel between husband and wife affects the fetus. In order to give birth to a small life, in addition to supplementing adequate nutrition, the pregnant mother\’s love is also an important nutrient for the fetus. The emotional changes of the pregnant mother will more or less affect the fetus. For example, when a couple quarrels and causes mood swings in a pregnant mother, her gastric juice secretion will be reduced and her gastrointestinal function will be reduced, thus affecting her appetite. Because the intestines and stomach cannot work fully, the food eaten cannot be fully digested, and the fetus in the abdomen cannot obtain enough nutrients, which will cause growth disorders. Pregnant mothers are more likely to be emotionally disturbed in the early stages of pregnancy. For the health of the fetus in the future, even if there are unpleasant things, they should laugh it off. Expectant fathers should also control their emotions and avoid quarrels with their wives. Walking is also a kind of prenatal education. Walking is a more suitable exercise program in early pregnancy. Walking is conducive to breathing fresh air, improving the functions of the nervous system, heart, lungs and other organs, promoting blood circulation throughout the body, and enhancing metabolism. Enhance muscle mobility and function. Walking in a place with flat roads, beautiful environment, and fresh air can make pregnant mothers feel happy and clear-headed, which is beneficial to relieving fatigue and is beneficial to the healthy growth of the fetus. Medical research shows that a pregnant mother\’s happy mood can promote the optimal coordination of blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and secretion of digestive juices, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the pregnant mother. It also improves the blood supply to the placenta and promotes the healthy development of the fetus. . Read fairy tales to the fetus. If you hope that the fetus will gradually become an emotional baby through emotional communication with the mother, you should adopt fairy tale prenatal education. Start preparing for fairy tale prenatal education in the first trimester when the baby\’s hearing has not yet begun to develop, actively implement it in the second trimester, and advance it more deeply in the third trimester so that the baby receives continuous benign stimulation, and he will become smarter day by day. The appropriate time for reading fairy tales is about 30 minutes a day. You should choose a quiet environment to ensure that you are in a calm state of mind. If you insist on reading fairy tales at a fixed time every day, your unborn baby will develop regular living habits. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is best to choose fairy tale books with more drawings that can stimulate the imagination of pregnant mothers. Related fairy tales: In terms of content, children’s bedtime stories should be beautiful stories full of love, happiness, courage and wisdom. Pregnant mothers convey the message that \”this world is worth experiencing\” to their fetuses by reading fairy tales. At this time, the fetus cannot hear the mother\’s voice, so pregnant mothers should not think that they are reading fairy tales to the fetus, just think of them as reading fairy tales to themselves! In a calm state of mind, reminiscing about interesting events in the past or looking forward to the future will be of great benefit to both the fetus and the pregnant mother. Frequently calling the baby\’s baby name. Prenatal education requires both parents to participate. Parents can give the baby a neutral baby name and call it often so that the baby can remember it firmly. In this way, if the baby is called by his baby name when he cries after birth, he will no longer be unfamiliar with the new environment outside the womb, but will feel a sense of security and will quickly calm down. At this time, parents should treat their fetus as a sensible child and often talk, chat, or sing songs to him. so,Not only can it enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but it can also convey the love of parents to the fetus. It is of great benefit to the emotional development of the fetus. The content of the conversation should not be too complicated. It is best to repeat one or two sentences over a period of time to create a deep memory in the fetal cerebral cortex. Visual function training During this month, the fetus has become very sensitive to light. Pregnant mothers can perform visual function training when the fetus wakes up. When conducting visual training, you can use a flashlight with 4 AA batteries and place it directly on the abdomen of the pregnant mother to illuminate it with light, 3 times a day, 30 seconds each time, and record the baby\’s reaction. Visual training can promote visual development, increase visual range, and help strengthen the circadian cycle, that is, sleeping at night and waking up during the day, and can promote the development of motor behavior. Do not use strong light and the exposure time should not be too long. Intrauterine exercise training for the fetus. Intrauterine exercise training can be appropriately carried out for the baby during this month. The method is for the pregnant mother to lie on her back, relax her whole body, first rub her abdomen back and forth with her hands, and then gently press different parts of her abdomen with her fingers, and observe how the baby reacts. The movements should be gentle and the time should be short at the beginning. After a few weeks, when the baby gradually adapts, he will make some positive reactions. You can add a little bit of exercise at this time. Some pregnant mothers are worried about their baby\’s exercise training, thinking that exercise will harm the baby. In fact, this worry is unnecessary. The placenta is already very strong when the baby is 4 months old, and the baby has a larger space in the mother\’s body at this time. And the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby has a buffering effect against external forces. Can protect the baby. Therefore, pregnant mothers will not directly touch the baby when performing exercise training for the baby. Pregnant mothers can rest assured that proper exercise training for the baby will not harm the baby. Help the fetus do gymnastics. At this time, the fetus is full of activities, such as squinting, slapping thumbs, making fists, stretching limbs, turning around, kicking legs, somersaults, etc. Moreover, various reactions will occur after being stimulated, but the pregnant mother cannot feel it clearly yet. Therefore, at this time, the pregnant mother should not only communicate information and feelings with her spiritually, but also touch the fetus and help the fetus do gymnastics. Choose the appropriate caressing time: Generally, it is appropriate to caress in the morning and evening. The time should not be too long each time, 5 to 10 minutes is enough. The stroking method should be appropriate: the pregnant mother lies flat on the bed, relaxes her whole body as much as possible, and when the abdomen is relaxed, gently press the baby with one finger and then lift it up. When doing gymnastics with the fetus at this stage, the pregnant mother may not feel the response from the fetus, but do not give up this prenatal education because the fetus does not respond. As long as you persist, the pregnant mother will be able to do it when the fetus grows older. I feel the baby\’s response.

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