Early pregnancy symptoms, daily health care for pregnant mothers during the first week

Shared with parents on May 10: Dietary principles for pregnant mothers with early symptoms of pregnancy for one week. In this article, we will share with you some daily health care precautions for pregnant mothers with early symptoms of pregnancy for one week. Now let us Let’s watch and learn together. 1. Avoid X-rays X-rays are a kind of electromagnetic wave. Because of their short wavelength and high energy, they will cause damage to the human body if they are not used under strict control. The degree of damage is related to factors such as radiation equipment, radiation time, radiation dose, the way the radiation interacts with the human body, the external environment, and individual differences. Although the radiation dose for taking X-ray pictures is relatively large. However, an occasional film or X-ray (except for radiotherapy) is not harmful to your health. However, the eggs, embryos or fetuses of women of childbearing age, especially women who are preparing to become pregnant or pregnant mothers, are highly sensitive to radiation. Even if the dose of radiation is significantly lower than what normal people can tolerate, it may cause damage to the mother and fetus. . Therefore, radiological examinations should be avoided during early pregnancy. 2. Stay away from loud noises, which can have many adverse consequences for pregnant mothers and fetuses. Women may experience reactions such as nausea and vomiting before pregnancy and early pregnancy. Some people\’s reactions are so severe that they affect eating, and some even require infusion treatment. Some pregnant mothers will suffer from \”pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome\” in the later stages of pregnancy. Symptoms\”, the main manifestations are high blood pressure, edema and proteinuria. The incidence of vomiting of pregnancy and pregnancy-induced hypertension were higher among women exposed to loud noise than among other women. Moreover, voice sounds may cause uterine contractions, affecting the formation of the embryo and the blood supply to the fetus, thereby affecting the development of the fetal nervous system. 3. Say goodbye to your pets temporarily. Maybe your pet dog or cat contains Toxoplasma gondii. If Toxoplasma gondii is infected into the body of the pregnant mother through the feces of cats and dogs, it will cause severe consequences to the fetus. Influence. Symptoms such as fetal blindness, epilepsy, and mental retardation are all caused by Toxoplasma gondii. For the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant mothers should be determined to send their pets away to minimize the chance of toxoplasmosis infection. 4. Stay away from dangerous items. If a pregnant mother is exposed to chemicals for a long time, it will seriously endanger the health of the mother and baby. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, methylmercury, etc. can increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth in pregnant mothers. Among them, methylmercury may cause congenital diseases of the fetal central nervous system, lead may cause mental retardation in infants, carbon disulfide, xylene, gasoline, etc. can cause miscarriage, and oxyethylene may increase the chance of congenital dementia in infants. 5. Prevent the harm of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde pollution mainly comes from building materials and furniture. Carpets, fuel, cigarettes, deodorants, disinfectants, etc. For pregnant mothers, these formaldehyde is like a devil that harms the fetus. For newly renovated houses, the windows should be opened for ventilation for two months before pregnant mothers can move in. For formaldehyde pollution caused by general household appliances, the best way is to open windows for ventilation, which can quickly reduce the indoor formaldehyde concentration. During decoration, vinyl wallpaper can be used for interior decoration to prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde. In addition, ammonia fumigation and disinfection can also be used to reduce formaldehyde concentration. The specific method is: Place a plastic tray filled with ammonia in the room, keep the room at around 27°C, and fumigate for more than 12 hours. It can effectively eliminate formaldehyde gas. There are also some green leafy plants that can absorb indoor formaldehyde, such as pothos, spider plants, etc. Let me share it with you tonight, I hope it will be of some help to you!

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