Early pregnancy symptoms, dietary principles for pregnant mothers during the first week

Nutritional needs of pregnant mothers during the first week of pregnancy: During the first week of pregnancy, attention should be paid to the dietary nutritional needs of pregnant mothers. Pay attention to comprehensive nutrition and a reasonable combination to avoid overnutrition or malnutrition. I remember there was an article in Doudehui before: Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, the condition of the fetus and the pregnant mother in one week. It was said that the sperm and egg have not been truly combined in the first week of pregnancy, but the expectant mother must also follow the following dietary principles: good. First of all, expectant mothers should appropriately increase their sugar intake to meet the energy needs of the fetus. Therefore, expectant mothers need to consume at least more than 150 grams of sugar every day to avoid accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood due to hunger. If these substances are absorbed by the fetus, they will have adverse effects on the development of the fetus\’s brain. Also, the fat intake of expectant mothers should not be too low to prevent fat-soluble vitamins from being well absorbed. Protein is required for the development of the embryo and the enlargement of maternal tissues during the first week of pregnancy. This is also the most critical period for embryonic development. If the protein and amino acid supply in the pregnant mother\’s body is insufficient, it will cause the fetus to grow slowly, and in serious cases, it may cause malformations. It is also worth reminding that in the first week of pregnancy, the embryo cannot synthesize amino acids by itself and can only be provided by the mother. Therefore, pregnant mothers should get enough high-quality protein from their diet. A daily intake of no less than 40 grams of protein is required to meet the needs of the fetus and mother. If there are pregnant mothers who do not like to eat animal foods, you can supplement foods such as beans, eggs, milk and nuts. The supply of minerals and vitamins to pregnant women should be ensured during early pregnancy. In addition, in order to supplement sufficient calcium, pregnant women should eat more milk and dairy products. Pregnant women who don’t like to drink milk can drink yogurt, cheese or lactose-free milk powder. Pregnant women with severe vomiting are prone to symptoms of fluid imbalance and should eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidosis. 1. Pregnant mothers can eat more black fungus. Black fungus is rich in nutrients and has the functions of nourishing, replenishing qi, nourishing blood, strengthening the stomach, stopping bleeding, moisturizing, and strengthening the mind. It is a good product to nourish the brain and strengthen the body. Black fungus stewed with red dates has the effect of stopping bleeding and nourishing blood. It is a nutritional supplement for pre-pregnancy women, pregnant mothers and postpartum women. 2. Pregnant mothers can eat more peanuts. Peanuts are a plant-based and highly nutritious food recognized around the world. They are called \”longevity fruit\”, \”plant meat\” and \”green milk\”. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that peanuts have the functions of awakening the spleen and appetizing, regulating qi and nourishing blood, moistening the lungs and diluting water, strengthening the brain and resisting aging. Do not remove the red kernel skin when eating peanuts, as the red skin is a hemotropic substance. And peanuts contain vitamin E and a certain amount of zinc, which can strengthen memory, resist aging, and moisturize the skin, so it is good for pregnant mothers to maintain a perfect appearance. However, pregnant mothers are advised not to fry peanuts as this will increase cholesterol. Pregnant mothers, eat more stewed food. The nutrients will not be destroyed, it will not cause internal heat, and it is easy to digest. 3. Pregnant mothers can eat more sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sesame seeds have the functions of replenishing essence, replenishing marrow, nourishing blood, nourishing liver, nourishing kidneys, moistening intestines, smoothing breasts, and nourishing hair. Eating more sesame seeds before and during pregnancy is good for yourself and your health.It is beneficial to the fetus. That’s it for the dietary needs of pregnant mothers during the first week of early pregnancy symptoms. In the next article, we will continue to talk about the daily health care that pregnant mothers need to do every week, so stay tuned.

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