Early pregnancy symptoms for girls [12th week]

Early symptoms of pregnancy in girls The physical changes of pregnant mothers in the 12th week After about 12 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus of the pregnant mother enters the abdomen from the gastric pelvis through the upper end of the pubic bone. After the uterus enters the abdomen, the pressure on the bladder is reduced, but the ligaments supporting the uterus shrink, which may cause low back pain. If you touch your belly, you can feel that it is obviously bulging. During this period, the mother\’s early pregnancy reaction gradually subsides. Of course, for pregnant mothers with serious conditions, it may last until the 16th week. Some pregnant mothers often feel dizzy during this period. You may feel dizzy when you stand up from your seat or change your posture suddenly. This is caused by the temporary difficulty in supplying blood to the brain by the vascular system. In addition, if the interval between meals is too long, dizziness may also occur due to a drop in blood sugar. As long as it is not caused by anemia, there is no need to worry too much. Because your body is unstable and you can easily fall when you feel dizzy, be careful not to move your body suddenly. Some pregnant mothers develop chloasma on their neck and face. This phenomenon varies from person to person, but basically, brown irregular spots on the neck and face are one of the symptoms of pregnancy. This brown spot is caused by an increase in melanin after pregnancy. After delivery, the brown spots will fade and eventually disappear. Early pregnancy symptoms for girls The development of the fetus in the 12th week From the 10th week to the 12th week of pregnancy, the fetal growth rate is amazing. The body has nearly doubled in size, and the appearance of the face has basically taken shape. Although no new organs are grown during this period, the body organs that first grew a few weeks ago are consolidated. The muscles of the fetus are already very developed and can move freely in the amniotic fluid. The fetus\’s fingers and toes have separated and fingernails have grown. Hair follicles begin to form throughout the fetal body. in addition. The reproductive organs are fully formed and the gender of the fetus can be distinguished.

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