Eight pictures tell you what kind of family children will be happier growing up in

We often say that parents are children\’s first teachers, so \”home\”, the smallest unit in society, is the child\’s first growth paradise. Whether a child will become successful and happy in the future is closely related to the family behind him. As parents, we all earnestly hope that our children will grow up more smoothly and live happier lives. This requires the full help of the warm harbor of the family. So, what can we do to create a good family environment and be the most solid support behind our children? What about the backing? Take a look at the eight pictures below to compare good and bad families. Are you a family full of positive energy? Or a family full of negative energy? Good family: Positive dialogue, effective communication. Bad family: Negative dialogue, poor communication. Language is the best tool for communication between family members. A positive family is good at playing its positive role. Good communication makes everyone happy. The mood is comfortable and the parent-child relationship becomes closer. Families with negative energy do not understand the art of speaking, and turn the lively language that should belong to the family into soft violence that hurts people, causing endless communication loops again and again. Good Home: Feeling safe and comfortable Bad Home: Feeling nervous and scared What is home? It is a station where you can rest when you are exhausted, and a harbor where you can rely on when the wind and rain are helpless. A good family makes people feel comfortable and warm. No matter where they are, as long as they think of home, they are full of infinite strength and fighting spirit. A bad family makes people fearful and uneasy. It is a sad place that no matter how painful your heart is, you don\’t want to go back. A good family heals, a bad family makes it worse. Good families: lots of praise and praise. Bad families: too many criticisms and responsibilities. Every child has his or her own shining points. Every little progress and every success he has deserves praise. A good family can see the potential and characteristics of the child and reward the child in a timely manner. Every feedback greatly increases the child\’s confidence. Bad families like to be picky, and if they are not satisfied with a place, they will completely deny their children, weakening their self-confidence, and making them feel more confused and isolated about their future. A good family: express love often. A bad family: hide the love. Expressing the love in your heart with words is the simplest, most original and most emotional way to enhance your feelings, so don’t be stingy with your expression. A good family tells the child how much his parents love him anytime and anywhere, making him feel that he is special, unique and cherished. A bad family hides love and fails to express love. Over time, children will feel insecure and the parent-child relationship will not be strong. A good family: Educate your children by example. Teaching by example is more important than words. A bad family: Discipline your children in a rough way by yelling and yelling. Children’s behavior is all marked by their parents. The way you educate your children now also determines it. The way he conducts himself in the future. A good family will give prominence to teaching by example, and parents will take the initiative to set positive examples for their children to observe and learn from. Bad families are filled with anger whenever they disagree. Parents are usually overbearing and forceful, insisting on the same thing, forcing their children into a dead end, and the educational effect is half the result. Good families: Parents devote time to provide high-quality companionship to their children. Bad families: There is little interaction and no sincere companionship. How can there be intimacy? Parents are effective to their childrenYes, after this stage, the effectiveness of companionship is greatly reduced. A good family attaches great importance to wholeheartedly accompanying their children and makes parent-child time colorful and meaningful. Bad families often sacrifice parent-child time for their own free time. Apart from eating, there is almost no communication between members. Fathers, in particular, are absent from their children\’s childhood growth for various high-sounding reasons. Good Families: Openly Talk About Your Feelings Bad Families: Not Expressive of Feelings and Thoughts None of us want our children to grow up to be submissive and to be people who are afraid to express their true feelings and thoughts. A good family will fully open communication channels to allow children to freely express their subjective feelings. Parents will be willing to listen and give their children more suggestions and guidance. The atmosphere in a bad family is gloomy, and children must obey their parents and are not allowed to question or ask questions. Children are depressed internally and their language expression ability is also greatly restricted. Good families: focus on encouragement. Bad families: focus on punishment. On the road of children\’s growth, it is inevitable that they will have stumbling blocks, and it is common for children to make mistakes. A good family will lend a helping hand when a child is frustrated and encourage him to overcome difficulties step by step. Bad families advocate force and punish their children\’s mistakes indiscriminately and severely. The children\’s hearts are slowly taken over by fear. What kind of family will produce what kind of children? The above eight pictures clearly reveal to us how good families create excellent children, and how bad families destroy children. I hope that we will all do our best to be positive parents and build a positive family so that our children can live in a happy and comfortable paradise and grow up happily and freely.

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