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\”Pregnancy Care Guide: Accompanying You to Get Through the Journey of Pregnancy Safely\” is an e-book specially created for expectant mothers. It aims to help expectant mothers through the various challenges and confusions during pregnancy, so that they can Spend your pregnancy healthy and happy. This book is jointly written by a number of medical experts and experienced mothers. It covers care guides at all stages before, during and after pregnancy, including diet, exercise, psychological adjustment, and treatment of common symptoms during pregnancy. It is comprehensive and detailed. Moms coach. In this book, you will learn: how to prepare before pregnancy to improve pregnancy success rate; dietary precautions during pregnancy to ensure fetal health; pregnancy exercise guide to relieve pregnancy discomfort; psychological adjustment skills to cope with mood swings during pregnancy; common pregnancy symptoms Treatment methods to make your pregnancy more comfortable. In addition, this book also provides many practical tips during pregnancy, such as shopping lists for pregnant women, travel precautions during pregnancy, etc., so that expectant mothers can take care of them from many aspects and make pregnancy more relaxed and enjoyable. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! If you are going through the journey of pregnancy, or planning to have a baby, this book is your absolute must-have guide. It will provide you with a comprehensive, practical and scientific care guide, allowing you to spend this period of pregnancy healthily and happily. Hurry up and download the \”Pregnancy Care Guide: Accompanying you through the journey of pregnancy safely\” and let us work together for the healthy growth of your baby! Pregnancy care guide: Accompanying you to get through the journey of pregnancy safely Table of contents: Chapter The body is quietly changing Morning sickness / 004 Frequent urination / 010 Constipation / 015 Stretch marks / 024 Changes in private parts / 027 Changes in breasts / 033 Changes in teeth / 038 Changes in eyes/ 042 Changes in sleep/ 044 Changes in mood/ 047 Other discomforts/ 053 Chapter 2 Some things can be done and some things cannot be done. How to eat during pregnancy/ 061 Can I drink drinks/ 070 Can I exercise/ 075 Yes Do not wear radiation protection clothing / 081 Can you use a mobile phone / 084 Can you use a printer / 087 How to stay away from formaldehyde / 092 Can I take medicine / 096 Should I have a miscarriage / 101 Should I count fetal movements / 104 Can I get vaccinated / 107 Can I have sex / 112 Can I touch my belly / 117 Can I watch a movie / 120 Do I need prenatal care / 125 Can I put on makeup / 128 Can I take maternity photos / 132 Can I have cats and dogs / 137 Can I fly by plane / 143 Can I use electric heating Blanket/ 149 Chapter 3 What kind of folic acid should be taken during pregnancy/ 158 Calcium supplement/ 167 Iron supplement/ 174DHA/ 179 Chapter 4 What you need to know about prenatal check-up and how to calculate the expected date of delivery/ 187 Which hospital should be chosen to establish a file/ 191 Fetus What is the development process of the baby / 199 What are the prenatal check-up items / 202 What is the prenatal check-up process / 228 How to avoid \”Widowed-style prenatal check-up/ 237 What problems cannot be detected during prenatal check-up/ 241 Chapter 5 Possible problems during pregnancy Gestational diabetes/ 249 Hypertensive disease during pregnancy/ 256 Hemorrhoids/ 262 Hypothyroidism during pregnancy/ 267 Itchy skin during pregnancy/ 270 High myopia/ 273 Anemia/ 276 Bleeding during pregnancy/ 281 Problems with twin pregnancy/ 290 Problems with the umbilical cord/ 294 Problems with the placenta/ 300 Problems with amniotic fluid/ 306 To protect the adults or the children/ 311 Chapter 6 Must prepare for delivery Homework What to prepare before admission / 317 How to identify uterine contractions / 322 What is premature rupture of membranes / 327 When is induction of labor required / 334 Natural delivery or cesarean section / 341 How to give birth naturally / 346 What is the Lamaze breathing method / 354 What is painless delivery / 358 When is lateral incision required / 363 When is cesarean section required / 370 Chapter 7 Problems you will face immediately after giving birth / 383 Should you save umbilical cord blood / 387 How to deal with it Postpartum lochia / 393 Should I wear an abdominal belt / 399 Should I be confined / 404 How to deal with postpartum hair loss / 415 How to deal with postpartum depression / 418 How to recover after delivery / 425 How to breastfeed happily / 433 How to deal with rectus abdominis Separation/ 441 How to deal with pubic symphysis separation/ 446 What to pay attention to during postpartum intercourse/ 450 Chapter 8 Let’s talk about what to prepare for pregnancy/ 459 How to choose the time for intercourse/ 472 Why pregnancy preparation fails/ 479 Chapter 9 Some miscellaneous thoughts Why at home of female elders rarely mention various issues in the fertility process/489 Whether to have children, when to have children, and whether it is okay not to have children/491 How to deal with elders’ fancy efforts to induce pregnancy/494 How do men view childbirth/498 Is it true that \”one pregnancy will last three years\” / 502 Do you really have no choice / 507 Are we selecting the world\’s great mothers / 512 Are mothers over 35 years old considered \”elderly mothers\” / 516 Acknowledgments / 521 Download Link: The verification code is universal across the entire network! 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