Exercise during pregnancy is indeed helpful for normal delivery, but forget about dancing in the square and nightclub.

Unlike ordinary people, pregnant mothers need to consider the safety of their fetus and themselves when exercising, so there are more issues that need to be paid attention to. Precautions for pregnant mothers when exercising. The air should be fresh and flowing. It is best to open the windows when exercising at home. Even in the cold winter, it is best to open the windows for 10 to 15 minutes before exercising. When exercising outside, try to choose a park or community with fresh air. , it is not advisable to exercise outdoors on foggy mornings. To avoid violent noise interference, the noise we are talking about not only refers to the sound of cars on the road, but also includes other music with strong rhythm and loud sound. For example, pregnant mothers should not go to the gym. Those fast-paced sounds with loud sounds can harm the fetus. , even in the park, stay away from the active crowds who play loud and fast songs. It should be done step by step. The important thing is to insist on exercising for pregnant mothers and not to ask for a large amount of exercise. The important thing is to persist and do it step by step. The number of exercises should be gradually increased from less to more, and the movements should be from simple to complex. Under normal circumstances, about 1 hour of light exercise every day is enough. To ensure safe sports venues, outdoor sports venues should choose venues with no cars and less traffic. For indoor sports, especially when doing some gymnastics, it is not advisable to choose soft mats, as it is easy to fall and cause danger. Instead, you should choose a hard bed or floor. The best time to exercise is to exercise at a fixed time every day. Exercise should be avoided within an hour before or after a meal. In addition, it is best not to exercise within half an hour before going to bed. Go to the toilet before exercising. After 3 months of pregnancy, the urinary system of pregnant mothers is under great pressure from the uterus, so they should go to the toilet and empty their bladder before exercising. Strengthen the awareness of self-protection. The amount of exercise is appropriate if you feel slightly tired or sweaty. Each exercise should not exceed 20 minutes. It is best for pregnant mothers in the second and third trimesters to exercise not far from home or accompanied by someone. The exercise venue should be convenient for transportation. If there is any problem during exercise, If the situation is uncomfortable, you should stop immediately. Do not give up on exercising during pregnancy. The amount of exercise is light and the exercise time is short. The effectiveness depends largely on the regularity. Therefore, do not fish for three days and dry the net for two days. If you often give up half-way, you will hardly get any exercise effect. When you encounter physical discomfort and are unable to do certain exercises, you can choose some local and gentle exercises, such as finger exercises. If possible, it is best to obtain certain professional guidance. In addition to some sports that ordinary people are familiar with, as the entire society pays attention to and researches on pregnancy, many sports specially prepared for pregnant mothers have also been developed. These sports can Targetedly alleviate or solve many problems during pregnancy. If possible, pregnant mothers can get useful advice from doctors or some professional institutions. You can also purchase relevant books to learn from. Cycling in the first trimester is a period of high incidence of miscarriage. Cycling will compress the uterus and increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant mothers are prohibited from cycling in the first trimester. You can ride a bicycle for exercise in the second trimester, but due to physical inconvenience, it is best not to ride outdoors to avoid danger. You can ride an exercise bike indoors. Pregnant mothers who are weight-bearing should prohibit any behavior of carrying more than 10 kilograms. First of all, weight-bearing willIt causes forward bending and compression of the abdomen, which is harmful to the fetus. In addition, pregnancy itself is prone to osteoporosis, and weight-bearing is a severe test for the spine and knee joints. Repeated bending and bending will cause a certain amount of pressure on the abdomen, just like bearing weights. Therefore, pregnant mothers should reduce the number of forward bends. For example, when picking up things, they should squat slowly and then pick them up from the side. It is forbidden to do exercises that involve repeated bending, such as wiping the floor, mopping the floor, etc. Exercises that require running and jumping: Pregnant mothers should avoid all strenuous exercise, especially running and jumping, such as running, playing badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. Exciting sports or activities such as stimulating music, such as exercising in the gym, stimulating temperatures, such as washing dishes with cold water, etc. This sudden stimulation will have adverse effects on the fetus, and may even lead to miscarriage in severe cases.

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