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Expectant mothers should know that pregnancy will come faster if you are in a good mood

In the outpatient clinic, I often meet some young women who come for treatment and say to me: \”I haven\’t had enough fun, I really don\’t want children!\” \”I am still a child myself, why do I have children?\” \”My family members I’m so anxious that I’m actually very afraid of having children.”…

There is no doubt that the birth of a new life often brings about earth-shaking changes to a family, and the focus of the family shifts from career and love to children. , and the couple\’s free days will end, and with it they will have to devote time and energy to their children. So it\’s understandable that some couples make the choice not to have children. Many couples naturally become anxious when they think about becoming parents. Issues such as children\’s education, health and safety, as well as financial pressure, mothers\’ career trade-offs, and the sense of loss that will result in the loss of freedom for their children are all put on the table. Therefore, couples preparing for pregnancy are anxious not only about not being able to conceive a child, but also about these very real problems.

The psychological problems at this time are mainly concentrated in the following aspects.

Anxiety: Some women suffer from infertility (or doubt whether they have it) Pregnancy syndrome, or temporary failure to conceive), because of the eagerness to have a baby, they seek medical treatment urgently. The more they seek medical treatment, the more anxious they become, which ultimately directly affects the physical and mental health during the pregnancy preparation period.

Nervousness: Some infertile patients went to receive \”artificial insemination\”, but due to the infertility Fatigue and mental stress actually affect the success rate of conception; some newlyweds practice traveling to get married and live outside the home, causing mental stress, leading to temporary impotence in the husband; if there is a lack of sexual knowledge and the psychological pressure cannot be relieved, severe cases will occur in the future. Later it develops into impotence, leading to infertility.

Fear: Some neurotic patients are sensitive to sexual stimulation and are afraid of pain during sexual intercourse. Vaginismus occurs, fear of sexual life, and the inability to enjoy sex well, but only as a way to get pregnant, eventually leading to years of infertility. Need to be treated by a psychiatrist and establish normalYou can get pregnant only after you are married.

Pessimism: Some people had a good relationship before getting married, but due to the long preparation time, And it will cause distress, and eventually lose interest in the couple\’s life, causing disharmony in the couple\’s life, which will only further increase the difficulty of conception.

Shyness: Due to closed thoughts and shyness, I dare not go to the hospital for examination. As I got older, I felt anxious, so I bit the bullet and went to a gynecologist for treatment. Many elderly mothers seek medical treatment late, which delays the opportunity for treatment.

Depressive psychology:Many people who have been preparing for pregnancy for a long time will suffer from mental fatigue, depression, irritability, Chest tightness, swollen breasts, weakness in limbs, abdominal bloating, extreme distress, excessive mental stress, etc., eventually lead to depression.

\”Fantasy\” psychology:What is \”fantasy pregnancy\”? It’s the “false pregnancy” we mentioned before. This is due to the fact that these women have been infertile for many years and are eager to have children. According to research, this is closely related to psychological factors. Through the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, the normal endocrine environment in the body is destroyed, causing an increase in progesterone in the body, thereby inhibiting ovulation and causing amenorrhea. Because psychological contradictions can be converted into physical symptoms, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and fetal movements occur. It is also called \”conversion hysteria\” in medical psychology.

In addition, expectant mothers during pregnancy preparations, in addition to worrying about not being able to conceive, also have many anxieties related to the birth itself.

Worried that pregnancy will ruin your graceful figure: Facts have proven that as long as young women exercise seriously before and after childbirth, their body shape can easily return to its original shape. Some women\’s appearance after pregnancy is actually more delicate than before.

Fear of pain during childbirth: Pain during childbirth is only temporary, as long as you work closely with your doctor , the pain will be relieved and delivery will be smooth.

Worried about not being able to take care of children: No one can guarantee that they can be a perfect mother, but from the child\’s perspective, a mother who can grow up with her children is a good mother. You can supplement your parenting knowledge by browsing magazines and books. In addition, you can log in to some popular professional parents.Sub-website to communicate with experienced mothers.

So, how should women who are preparing for pregnancy resolve these negative psychology?

In fact, there is only one magic weapon, which is to maintain an optimistic and calm mood before pregnancy. From the beginning of pregnancy preparation, expectant mothers must work hard to adjust their emotions and face life with a positive and optimistic attitude. During pregnancy preparation, you need to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, participate in more interesting and meaningful activities, and try to reduce the psychological pressure caused by work and life. Believe that as long as you maintain a positive, optimistic, and happy mood, you will give birth to an equally healthy, optimistic, and lively child.

Here, special attention needs to be paid to the fact that older women should eliminate psychological stress as soon as possible. In medicine, women aged 35 and above are defined as \”elderly mothers\” and are high-risk groups who need more attention during childbirth. Older women will bear more psychological pressure. As employment pressure increases, many working women face fierce competition and have to postpone their \”job creation plans.\” When they want to have a child, the pressure of having a child and the pressure of work often make working women nervous. Many white-collar women even suspect that they have \”infertility\” and ask around for the secret recipe to have a baby.

Older working women often worry about the following issues when preparing for pregnancy.

Whether I can go through pregnancy smoothly at my age: According to the latest research, a healthy older mother-to-be has a higher likelihood of chromosomal gene mutations. The situation is not much different from that of expectant mothers of other ages. Moreover, the success rate for older expectant mothers to have a smooth and natural delivery is also increasing.

Whether babies born to older women will be healthy: As long as you make a thorough pregnancy preparation plan before pregnancy, do a good pre-pregnancy check-up, and avoid doing things that are not conducive to fetal development, older women can give birth just like ordinary women. A healthy and active child.

These worries proved to be unnecessary. On the contrary, because women in the workplace have been in tension and anxiety for a long time, they have endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders, which seriously affects women\’s normal ovulation and greatly reduces the probability of pregnancy. Therefore, older working women preparing for pregnancy need to relieve work pressure, release nervous emotions, and allow themselves to \”get pregnant\” in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading. It is excerpted from \”Very Good Pregnancy: You Can Get Pregnant by Doing This\” Author: Yu Yue\’e

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