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Fake: Non-ovulatory abstinence strategies for one hit

Q: My husband is abroad due to work and has very little time at home, so I haven’t gotten pregnant after five or six years of marriage. This time we are relocating our jobs and returning to China for development. We hope to get pregnant as soon as possible. What should we pay attention to when preparing for pregnancy?

A: If you are separated for a long time, have no married life, and do not have artificial ejaculation, the sperm in the body will age and lose vitality. It is recommended not to rush to get pregnant, but to improve the quality of the sperm first.

● Long-term abstinence can cause sperm to age easily

If men do not have sex or ejaculate for a long time, the quality of their sperm will decrease and the proportion of aging sperm will increase. This kind of aging sperm is not easy for the wife to conceive. Even if she becomes pregnant, it can easily cause mental retardation, malformation or miscarriage of the fetus.

● Recuperate energy ≠ abstain from sex during non-ovulation period

There is a view that if you are not in ovulation period, you will not be able to live as a couple, so you need to let your husband recharge his batteries and prepare for ovulation. Preparing for conception is wrong. If the frequency of sexual intercourse between husband and wife is too low and the sperm storage time is too long, it is easy for some sperm to age or lose vitality. Women only have one egg per month, and the fertilization activity of the egg is only kept at its peak for more than ten hours. A low-frequency couple life can easily miss this short and precious opportunity for conception.

● A harmonious married life is beneficial to pregnancy

There is a saying, \”A quarrel at the head of the bed ends with a fight at the end of the bed.\” Why doesn\’t it say \”on the street\” or \”at the end of the street\”? It\’s about sex. The impact of life on the relationship between husband and wife is a very important way to regulate the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, it is best for young couples to have sex once every 5 to 7 days, so as to harmonize their relationship and recharge their batteries for a good pregnancy during ovulation.

From \”Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology\” The final encyclopedia of pregnancy and confinement, edited by Chen Qian, published by China Textile Publishing House in August 2016

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