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fear! Due to family negligence, a 2-year-old child fell from the 25th floor…

At about 1:30 noon on October 20, a child under the age of 2 fell from the 25th floor in the Jiang\’an International District B community and onto the garden balcony on the third floor. Fortunately, there was soil in the garden, so no more injuries were caused. Big damage. The circle marked in the picture is the floor. According to the child\’s grandmother, the child is less than 2 years old and is usually taken care of by the grandmother. Both parents work outside. When the child has an accident, the grandmother calls the child\’s father immediately. The grandmother of the little child said: She and her two children were sleeping in the room at that time, and the two children had been playing on the bed. She squinted for a while, and when she opened her eyes again, she did not find her grandson, and the eldest grandson was still in bed. I went to bed, got up and looked around for my grandson but couldn\’t find it. I thought there was no safety guardrail on the window, and I felt very anxious. I ran to the window to look, only to find that my grandson was lying in the garden downstairs… The child fell down from the 25th floor and fell. On the garden balcony on the third floor, luckily there was mud in the garden, so no more damage was caused… Grandma kept crying. According to doctors and parents, the child suffered lung injuries from a fall, intracranial hemorrhage, and multiple fractures all over the body. It is currently not suitable to move the child because the child is afraid of being injured a second time. Children are mainly exposed to violent shocks in the air, which cause the most serious injuries to children\’s lungs and brains. If the family is not negligent, all this can be avoided… I hope all parents can learn from it!

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