Finding the ovulation day through drawing is so intuitive!

Tell sisters a common sense: once clear and transparent leucorrhea that can be stretched into long threads appears, it indicates that the day of ovulation is approaching.

What is the principle of this? Female ovulation is a major physiological event. Before ovulation, the endocrine system begins to become active. 82 hours before ovulation (on average), estrogen will reach a peak (200-500pg/ml). At this time, the uterus Under the action of estrogen, the cervix secretes a large amount of egg white-like leucorrhea with very high water content, which can be stretched into long threads. Why is there such a situation? The main purpose is to allow sperm to enter the cervix smoothly.

Normally, leucorrhea is turbid and sticky, and the amount is not large. However, in the middle of menstruation and close to the day of ovulation, the secretion function of the gland cells in the endocervix is ​​strong, and the leucorrhea increases significantly. It is egg white-like, thin and transparent. . This is actually the red carpet that women lay out to welcome sperm into their uterus! Sperm has no legs, only a tail, and can only swing its tail to swim forward, so women fill the main channels with liquid to help the sperm pass smoothly. What a good intention. Therefore, when you feel that the secretion has increased significantly and can be stretched into long threads, you should be alert, as the ovulation day is coming soon.

After the long stringy leucorrhea appears, on which day will you ovulate? Let me tell you, this time is not a fixed value, it is 1 to 4 days later. Why not an exact number, but a range? This is because individual differences are so great. For some people, the peak of estrogen occurs one day before ovulation, and for some people it occurs three days before ovulation. Therefore, if your wetting period is relatively long, you should Have sex during the last one or two days of the moistening period. Of course, ovulation test strips should be used to test at the same time during the wet period, because the peak of estrogen will induce the appearance of the LH peak. Only when the pulse of LH appears can ovulation be truly triggered, so during this period, you can definitely detect this strong positive with an ovulation test strip. Only when this strong positive occurs can you determine the fact of ovulation!

There are also some special situations. The moistening period has passed, but the strong Yang still does not appear. What does it mean? This shows that the positive feedback of estrogen fails to induce the LH peak, and there are some obstacles in the female sexual axis, resulting in the fact that ovulation does not occur. So, who should you trust between secretions and LH spikes? Of course one should believe in the peak of LH, as no session without LH peak is complete.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”Pregnancy can be easy\” Author: Feifei\’s mother

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