Foods that are prohibited during early pregnancy

Pregnancy is not only a happy event for the mother, but also a future hope for the entire family. Once a mother is pregnant, she becomes the baby of the whole family. She must pay attention to everything she eats, drinks, lives and travels. But for a foodie, not being able to eat all kinds of things during pregnancy is simply a kind of torture. Many mothers complain that their diet is too restrictive after pregnancy. What they used to eat every day can no longer be eaten after pregnancy. It is easy to suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. The body is already uncomfortable enough, and she has to suppress her appetite. She cannot eat this or that, and the mother will inevitably feel a little aggrieved. In fact, there are not as many real taboos during pregnancy as everyone thinks. It doesn’t matter if you eat a little bit of most snacks. Just be careful when choosing the following foods, especially when eating, and don’t eat too much. 1. Fried food Fried food has a particularly fragrant taste, and many pregnant mothers like to eat it. However, it is a high-calorie and unhealthy food, so you should not eat too much. It is easy to gain weight if you eat too much. Pregnant mothers still need to control their fat intake during pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain for the baby and excessive deformation of their own body shape. Some mothers often eat fried foods during pregnancy. Not only do their bodies quickly deform, they gain fifty or sixty pounds during pregnancy, and the weight of their fetuses also rises linearly, and some even reach more than ten pounds. When giving birth to an overweight baby, the mother has to go through a lot of difficulties. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF+TXT version] 2. Coffee foods Some mothers are under great pressure due to work and are used to drinking coffee. They have to drink a cup to refresh themselves at work every day, and they still drink it after pregnancy. drink. You know, coffee is a food that is not good for fetal development. You should drink as little coffee as possible after pregnancy, because the caffeine in coffee stimulates the brain and can easily cause mothers to have insomnia. It is easy to suffer from insomnia during pregnancy, and if you drink coffee, you will be unable to sleep at night. If the mother cannot sleep, it will inevitably affect the development of the fetus. 3. Street snacks Street snacks are the favorite of some girls. Some girls must eat street snacks every day, basically every meal, and they can’t get enough. But after pregnancy, they can’t eat more. Because the safety and hygiene conditions of many street snacks are not up to standard, what kind of meat is used? The oil has been fried many times. How many harmful substances are in it? These are hidden dangers to the health of pregnant mothers. After pregnancy, you still need to eat some healthy food. If you really want to eat street snacks, you can buy some raw materials and try to make them at home. This will not only increase the fun of life, but also eat safe and healthy snacks. In order for the baby to develop healthily and have a good body foundation, mothers should pay more attention to their diet during pregnancy and not be too willful like before pregnancy and eat whatever they want. So, what kind of food should mothers eat during pregnancy to benefit the baby\’s physical development? 1. Fruit During pregnancy, if the mother has severe morning sickness and cannot eat, she can eat more fruits appropriately. There are many nutrients in fruits, including rich vitamins, and fruits can whiten the skin of the baby after birth.White, tender, and extremely smooth. Try to eat fruits after meals, but do not eat them as meals all the time. This will only be counterproductive and not conducive to the child\’s balanced nutrition intake. 2. Milk Everyone knows that milk is a good source of calcium. Milk, yogurt, and dairy products are high-quality sources of calcium for the body. Therefore, mothers should drink more during pregnancy, which can not only improve their own physical fitness, but also help their babies grow. Pregnant mothers should also pay attention when choosing milk. It is best to choose fresh pure milk instead of milk-flavored drinks. Although these milk-flavored drinks are sweet, they have too many additives and very little pure milk content, which is not beneficial to the fetus or the mother\’s calcium supplement. 3. Nut mothers can also eat more nut foods after pregnancy, such as walnuts, pistachios, etc. Nut foods are rich in protein and vitamins. Mothers who eat some nuts appropriately can strengthen their physical fitness and reserve enough energy to cope with the birth process. They can also make the baby\’s brain develop more soundly, which is also beneficial to the baby\’s health. However, mothers should note that it is more appropriate to consume about 25 to 35 grams of dried fruits per day. Don\’t eat too much. Eating too much is not only easy to get angry, but also oily and easy to gain weight, which is not good for the mother\’s future figure recovery. After the mother is pregnant, there are many types of food that are good choices. Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and dairy products are beneficial to both the mother and the fetus. If the pregnant mother wants to eat some snacks, she can also eat them a little, but the amount must be controlled. Everyone hopes that the baby they give birth to will be beautiful and smart, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to their diet and living habits during pregnancy. Only if the pregnant mother consumes rich and balanced nutrients can the baby develop more comprehensively. Finally, I hope every mother can give birth smoothly and every baby can be healthy and safe.

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