Four major scams about having children in TV dramas, you must watch them!

As an editor who knows everything, I suggest that compatriots of childbearing age stay away from TV dramas. ——Not because of radiation! If TV series come from real life, then the screenwriter must have never given birth to a child! You made up these \”childbirth scenes\” to scare us, won\’t your conscience hurt? ? Fortunately, a kind-hearted editor has taken stock of the four major childbirth scams in TV dramas for all expectant mothers. Come and see how many shots you have fallen into? The first sign of pregnancy: vomiting! Scene: When Taohua Susu of Three Lives Three Worlds and Ten Miles accompanied Ye Hua to inspect the navy camp, she couldn\’t help but retched. Ye Hua quickly called the military doctor to take a look, \”This young master\’s pulse looks like a happy pulse!\” Su Su looked confused: \”Ye Hua, is what he said true?\” Really! real! real! Reality: Maybe my aunt hasn’t been here for three months because she’s had a bad stomach, haven’t you noticed? He even asked if it was true? The most direct sign of pregnancy in women is amenorrhea. Generally, if a sexually active woman of childbearing age does not see menstrual cramps for two weeks beyond the normal menstrual cycle, she may be pregnant. This is also the earliest sign of pregnancy. Vomiting does not mean pregnancy, it may also be due to a bad stomach. Only the cessation of menstruation is the most common pregnancy symptom noticed by expectant mothers. Those miraculous scenes of abortion + infertility in the harem: Xiao Qiang secretly put Five Elements Grass in her own medicine soup in the legend of Wu Mei Niang, and after miscarriage, she framed Concubine Wei to force herself to take medicine. The emperor launched an \”investigation\” and put Concubine Wei in prison. Immediately, Concubine Wei \”committed suicide\”. Reality: You must not take medicine randomly. In addition to Five Elements Herb, the luxury package of abortion pills also includes: musk, saffron, oleander, etc. Ladies who have taken this luxurious package have suffered from miscarriage and miscarriage, to lifelong infertility. These so-called \”abortion elixirs\” are actually traditional Chinese medicines that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Taking them may cause symptoms such as uterine contractions and heavy bleeding in pregnant women. However, the abortion pills currently used in medicine are all Western medicines, and there are clear standards for ingredients, dosage, etc. Women who want to terminate pregnancy must not use drugs indiscriminately according to the plot of the TV series, otherwise big trouble will occur. Pregnant women should also remember to stay away from these drugs. Do you have to yell during labor? Scene: Mi Yue is told that Mi Yue has a difficult delivery and is in excruciating pain. King Qin Yingsi shouted at the top of his lungs outside the door: \”Mi Yue, you can\’t die! I want you to accompany me and watch Qin dominate the world!\” Then Mi Yue yelled with all her strength and gave birth to a baby boy. Reality: Yelling may result in reprimands. If the scene of Miyue giving birth was replaced by a modern hospital, she would only get blank looks from the nurses and sisters: \”What\’s your name? Save your energy!\” It\’s best not to yell during childbirth. , Shouting often swallows a large amount of gas, causing intestinal distension and consuming the mother\’s physical strength. Immediately afterwards, the uterine contractions were weak and the cervix was delayed in opening, causing the labor process to stagnate. Even after entering the second stage of labor, the cervix becomes edema due to excessive pressure from the flatulence, and the mother does not have enough strength to increase the abdominal pressure to deliver the fetus. As a result, what could have been a smooth delivery eventually turned into dystocia. To protect the elder or to protect the child? Scene: When Zhen Huan gave birth to twins, Wen Shichu knelt outside the delivery room and said: \”There is a saying that I have to ask my empress, if anything happens,Is the empress protecting herself or the fetus? \”Reality: This situation does not exist at all. This is a false proposition! False proposition! False proposition! Girls who plan to use this question to test their husbands, wake up quickly! Generally speaking, when the mother\’s life is in critical condition due to childbirth, , the hospital must try its best to save the life of the mother first. First, the unborn fetus is not a natural person in law. Second, the maternal body system will first preserve its own supply. Finally, when the mother is really in a critical situation, the condition of the fetus will only get worse. Worse, such as lack of oxygen to the brain, or even death.

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