\”From the day my daughter was born, I was prepared to go to jail!\”

If you have a 10-year-old daughter and you open her cell phone one day and find that she and a 15-year-old boy refer to each other as \”husband\” and \”wife\” and have hot and ambiguous chat records, what should you do? Recently, a mother named \”The bean sprouts are yellow\” posted a post titled \”A heartbroken and angry mother\”, which caused an uproar among netizens. In the post, she accused a 15-year-old boy on a certain website of constantly seducing her daughter, calling her \”wife\”, \”promising\” that \”we can be together first and getting married when they are adults\”, and instigating her daughter to raise children. he. What\’s even more outrageous is that the boy expressed several times that he wanted to play \”Wen\’ai\” with the girl and asked her to learn it… What\’s even more shocking is that his 10-year-old daughter actually enjoyed being \”with\” him , and also bought gifts to send to him. After seeing these contents, this mother was absolutely furious! I finally understood the reason why my daughter was always secretive and wouldn\’t let her mother touch her phone. How unreasonable! If someone did this to my 10-year-old daughter, I would definitely find the kitchen knife at home before saying anything else! And this mother is relatively sensible. She first communicated with the boy privately, hoping that he would realize his mistake and stop contacting her daughter. Unexpectedly, the boy not only had no intention of repenting, but told her bluntly, \”I\’m just playing with your daughter, I don\’t care about her at all!\” What\’s even more outrageous is that the boy also related this mother to his own The record of the negotiation was posted online, attracting abuse and attacks from many teenagers on the grounds that \”parents violated their children\’s privacy rights.\” He even instigated the girl to run away from home and commit suicide to threaten her mother and set them against mother and daughter. Mom\’s last bottom line was stepped on. In anger, she published a long letter to her daughter, describing the arduous journey of a mother in the past 10 years from the moment her daughter was born to today. In particular, as a single mother after the divorce, she worked harder to make a living. I bought my daughter a mobile phone to encourage her to make friends, but I didn’t expect that it would plunge her into a deep pit. I believe that every mother who has a daughter can relate to this and be heartbroken. In the end, this righteous mother won the support of netizens and public opinion. Under pressure, the boy wrote a letter to apologize and was punished by the website and his account was banned… Admittedly, this mother also had some shortcomings in educating her children, such as peeking into her daughter\’s chat history and exposing her child\’s privacy. Due to various factors such as work and life restrictions, I neglected to accompany my children. But fortunately, she was able to quickly detect something unusual about her daughter and pull her out of the mud, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. At this point, the incident seems to have been settled, but it is far from over. The mother continued to receive private messages from other little girls who were all feeling the same hurt. She was deeply worried about this, wondering how many girls would be victimized like this again… As the mother of a 7-year-old girl, after learning the whole incident, she took a deep breath and looked back at the girl sitting there. Daughter playing with toys on the floor. She also felt my gaze, raised her head, smiled sweetly at me, showing her two newly replaced front teeth. How young, beautiful and brilliant she isrotten! If someone seduces her and treats her in this way, I will never let him go! Almost every once in a while, there will be incidents of molesting and sexually assaulting girls. We continue to provide sex education to our children, telling them to beware of strange uncles, school teachers, familiar neighbors and relatives, but we never thought that when we and our children are struggling to fight against sexual assault, \”Internet love temptations\” \”Like a beast lurking in the dark, it is slowly extending its claws behind my daughter. Sometimes, when faced with the abuse our daughter has suffered, we feel powerless and heartbroken. Just like the provocation of the 15-year-old boy to this mother: What I bet is that the police will never punish me just because I call your daughter wife. If that were the case, I would have been punished dozens of times. It is difficult to convict some marginal criminal behaviors of minors, so many people take advantage of legal loopholes and engage in dirty deeds. \”Since the day my daughter was born, I have been prepared to go to jail!\” A father left a message when a young girl was sexually assaulted. Today, as younger people are socializing online, as parents, we are facing an even more difficult \”battle.\” Yes, the social environment our children live in now is more \”bad\” than we imagined, with chat tools, live broadcasts, and short videos emerging one after another. Giving your child a smartphone or computer with Internet access is like opening an outlet without restrictions. The world there is colorful and passionate, like a huge wave that quickly drowns the defenseless children. As a result, children know what love, love love, and literary love are earlier than we did… Just search for keywords, and you will see news like this: a 14-year-old girl happily showed off her pregnancy on a certain video platform Belly and baby daddy. The primary school student tipped the anchor and spent his family’s savings of 200,000 yuan. Two primary school students were kissing in the elevator, not caring that there were classmates next to them. After his classmates reminded him that there was a camera in the elevator, the boy looked at the camera with a smile, full of provocation. What happened to our children? The famous psychiatrist Freud believed that the misfortune of an individual\’s life can be traced back to his childhood. That is, whether a child\’s care and needs are met in childhood is related to the entire life. At the same time, Freud believed that children have sexual needs from infancy, and sucking, defecation, Oedipus, and Electra are all manifestations of their sexual needs. The key to early childhood sex education is actually to help children solve their sexual confusion and satisfy their sexual needs. This kind of satisfaction is more of a psychological level, such as true attention, acceptance, love and guidance. As parents, we spend too much energy on helping our children identify those \”bad guys\” who are obsessed with sex and may have evil intentions towards them, but we forget to help our children understand their own needs and provide them with the conditions to meet their needs. Once children\’s needs are not met by their parents, they will naturally turn externally. Therefore, they will try to kiss and hug the peers they like with curiosity, and experience the sweetness of love; they will take the pleasure of being needed to satisfy any request made by their little boyfriend and girlfriend; they will also makeMore \”extraordinary\” things that are not allowed by parents: such as rewarding network anchors with large sums of money and enjoying the pleasure of being independent; such as getting pregnant with your boyfriend\’s child, helping him transport drugs, proving your ability, etc. As psychologists say, puppy love or online love is most likely to occur in children who lack love and care, such as children from single-parent families, children whose parents have rough discipline, and children who lack communication with their parents. These children who are most prone to \”problems\” almost all have a deep sense of loneliness of \”not being seen and not being properly cared for.\” My cousin\’s daughter is in junior high school. She is 15 years old. One day when she came home, she told her parents, \”I don\’t want to go to school anymore. I want to be an anchor.\” In their 40s, my cousin and her husband still \”didn\’t know what an anchor does.\” When she was ignorant, she had already tidied up the school desks willfully and silently, put on exquisite makeup, sat in front of the computer, and turned on the camera. My cousin called me crying and said, \”You have studied psychology. Please tell me, what is going on with my child?\” My cousin\’s words reminded me of a news that had attracted much attention before: a 14-year-old girl was cheated when she checked into a room with her boyfriend. The father found her and slapped her daughter in the face. The daughter threw objects in the room at her father\’s face. Finally, she was hit by her father with a hockey stick until her tailbone was fractured. The father\’s approach has been controversial, but the parents also said innocently: they have never been spanked once since childhood; their daughter has been given many sex education and persuasion education before and after her early love. However, the daughter still persisted in her obsession. Even though her father broke her bones, she still believed that the boy was the best person in the world for her. Why is so much sex education useless? Why is it useless to talk truthfully? It turns out that although the father has doted on his daughter since childhood, the relationship between father and daughter was not close, which led the daughter to seek affection from the opposite sex early to make up for the lack of father\’s love. Later, the father reviewed his behavior. The father and daughter held each other and cried loudly. The daughter held her father and cried louder. It was after this that my daughter agreed to break up with her boyfriend. Force will not convince children, love will. If there are unsatisfied emotions, children will look for an outlet to satisfy themselves. Picture source: The movie \”Unforgettable\” is not like this for my cousin\’s daughter. She has an older sister who is prettier than she is, and a younger brother who is smarter and more lovable than her. She is neither good-looking nor smart, so she is caught in the middle, so naturally she does not receive much care and neglect from her parents, and loss is common. However, when she became an anchor, she found that she became more beautiful after putting on makeup, and her delicate voice attracted rewards. No one would ask her, \”What score did you get on the test?\” \”Why didn\’t you let your brother do it?\” Everyone praised her and surrounded her, and she felt like she had never been the protagonist before. Even though the love on the Internet may not always be sincere, it is difficult for children who lack love to refuse such temptation. Those children who have been \”broken\” will definitely find a person, a relationship, and a feeling to fill in the missing piece. We always warn our children over and over: what kind of people may hurt you. What those people do may be hurting you. If someone hurts you, you must tell your parents. But we have forgotten: many children are their own mastersStep by step, you are getting closer to those sweet dangers and temptations, and you are still unaware of them. You are intoxicated with them and enjoy them as if they were sweetened with sugar. As parents, although we cannot blast or eliminate every danger lurking around our children, only by giving them enough attention, unconditional acceptance, loving communication and guidance when they have negative emotions can they Strength, energy, and resistance to resist the temptations of \”dirty love.\” Just like a Western proverb: \”A child who is given enough candy will never reach out to the clown who takes the candy.\” We have said these words many times, but it takes many years of hard work to really do it well. As a parent, I promise: when facing my children, I will always have tears in my eyes; when facing dirt, I will always be fearless!

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