Fruits that are forbidden to eat during pregnancy from 1st to 3rd month

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have a poor appetite. If it is a hot summer, many mothers will not be able to eat and will be very distressed. If you can\’t eat, it\’s difficult to ensure the daily \”nutrition\” of your fetus in terms of diet. Most pregnant mothers will focus on fruits. Although fruits have many advantages and good nutrition, if they are regarded as a staple food, it is not beneficial to pregnant women. Not only that, if you eat forbidden fruits, it will cause a \”catastrophe\” and have irreversible effects on pregnant women and fetuses. Pregnant women should not be too self-centered and must listen to the doctor\’s advice during pregnancy. Case: After Meimei became pregnant, she suffered from severe morning sickness. She vomited almost anything she ate. This made Meimei extremely weak and she lost 5 pounds in a few days. Meimei is extremely disgusted with food. She vomits as soon as she eats and can\’t stop vomiting. The hot summer makes it very difficult for Meimei to get pregnant. Meimei doesn\’t know what to do. By chance, Meimei saw an advertisement. Part of the advertisement introduced the benefits of eating fruits to pregnant women and fetuses. After reading it, Meimei opened up a new idea. If she can\’t eat, she can eat fruit! So Meimei chose a fruit shop online that shipped directly from the place of production. She wanted to eat fruits during pregnancy. Even if they were a little more expensive, she still wanted to eat fresh ones. Meimei made a recipe for herself every day, and the fruit feast was clearly arranged. Meimei ate the fruit meal, and her morning sickness was relieved a lot. Meimei\’s husband looked very pleased and gave Meimei some pocket money, asking Meimei to eat as hard as possible. Don\’t be afraid of spending money and buy what you want. Meimei saw the fruit shop\’s brochure, which included a kind of papaya, claiming that this kind of papaya can beautify and \”breast enlargement\”. Meimei was immediately moved. She looked bad during pregnancy. Meimei got the magic weapon and immediately and The fruit shop ordered a lot of papayas. Mei Mei happily ate papaya, but a few days later, Mei Mei suddenly suffered from severe stomach pain and sweated like rain. Meimei\’s husband immediately took Meimei to the emergency room of the hospital. After examination, the doctor told Meimei\’s husband that Meimei was having abnormal uterine contractions. The doctor asked Meimei what she had eaten. Meimei said simply and concisely that she only ate fruit and nothing else. When Meimei entered the hospital, she didn\’t expect that it was papaya that caused her abnormal uterine contractions. After the doctor asked Meimei in detail what fruits she had eaten, she told Meimei that she could not eat papaya in the future. 40-week pregnancy care guide electronic version mobi+epub+azw3+pdf So, why is papaya a taboo fruit for pregnant women? Although papaya is nutritious, it also has certain beauty effects and is good for the body. But papaya is a real \”cold fruit\”. Pregnant women are already a little weak after pregnancy. In addition, everyone\’s physique is different, and their body reactions after pregnancy are also different. Some pregnant women not only experience abdominal discomfort after eating papaya, but may also cause abnormal uterine contractions. If consumed in large amounts every day, a large amount of papaya will accumulate in the body, which can cause premature labor in pregnant women and endanger the health of the fetus. Besides papaya, what other fruits are taboo? 1. Fresh hawthorn. Many people believe that hawthorn can help with digestion and improve appetite. Eating hawthorn during pregnancy will increase appetite, but hawthornFor pregnant women, risk comes first. Hawthorn is also a cold fruit. Like papaya, it may cause abnormal uterine contractions in pregnant women, leading to premature birth or miscarriage in some pregnant women. 2. Longan Many pregnant women think that they will be anemic during pregnancy, so eating more longan can replenish blood. In fact, longan and durian are both hot fruits. Not only will it not provide the pregnant mother with the nutrients she wants, but it will also make her have difficulty defecating and may easily lead to hemorrhoids. In this way, if a pregnant woman exerts too much force when going to the toilet, it is very easy to cause accidents. 3. Melon Most of the melons in summer are very sweet. Pregnant women like them very much and will eat a lot of them without knowing it. However, eating too much melon, which is cool in nature, may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even diarrhea in pregnant women, which will affect the development of the fetus. 4. Watermelon Watermelon has a very high sugar content and is not the best fruit choice for pregnant women. It is better to consume about 200 grams a day. If pregnant women eat too much watermelon, they will consume too much sugar. Since women are prone to endocrine disorders during pregnancy, there will be a relative shortage of insulin in the body, resulting in excessive sugar concentration in the blood. In the long run, gestational diabetes is easy to occur, and gestational diabetes is an important cause of miscarriage in pregnant women, so try not to eat too much watermelon in summer to prevent accidents. 5. High-sugar fruits include many tropical fruits such as lychees and mangosteens. Although they taste good, their nutritional value is not that high. And because the sugar content is very high, eating a large amount of it can easily lead to \”pregnancy complications\” in pregnant women, so pregnant women must avoid eating high-sugar tropical fruits. 6. Pregnant women are advised to eat fresh fruits. It is best not to touch highly processed fruits. The preservatives and food additives in them are not good for the fragile fetus. Summer fruits are very abundant and most of them taste very good. Most pregnant women who have no appetite rely on fruits to \”sustain their lives\”. Indeed, the various vitamins and nutrients in fruits can not only supplement nutrition for pregnant mothers, but also indirectly distribute part of the nutrients and energy to the fetus. Eating more fresh fruits can make the baby \”fit and healthy\”. Therefore, most pregnant women are extremely passionate about fruits. So, what fruits can pregnant women eat during pregnancy? 1. Pears Pears contain a lot of vitamins. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! It has the effects of clearing the heart and moistening the lungs, diuresis and quenching thirst. Pregnant women eating pears are helpful in treating edema of pregnancy and pregnancy-induced hypertension, and are also beneficial to the development of the fetal brain. 2. Cherry Cherry contains a large amount of iron, which not only prevents pregnant women from being deficient in iron during pregnancy, but also helps the fetus have fair skin. It is an excellent fruit to choose during pregnancy. 3. Grapes Although grapes cannot make babies have big eyes, grapes are rich in beneficial substances, which not only help the fetal brain develop well, but also have anti-fetal effects and can make the baby look better. Pregnant women have many benefits from eating fruits, but they also have to pay attention to the time and amount. It is best to eat them at the junction of morning and noon. Eating fruits at this time not only allows you to absorb the fruits to the greatest extent,It is nutritious and can also have an appetizing effect, allowing pregnant women to have a good lunch. However, it is not advisable to eat too much fruit every day. After all, it contains high sugar content and cannot replace the nutrition of staple food. Therefore, the best dietary principle is to achieve a balanced nutrition during pregnancy.

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