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Get rid of pregnancy misunderstandings and reduce your burden sooner rather than later

Having a child, as a goal pursued by women, or as a responsibility, or just a task, no matter from which point of view, it is better to complete it earlier than later.

In feudal society, the age of marriage was quite early! When she is about sixteen years old, that is, she is the \”Twenty-Eighth Beauty\”, a matchmaker comes to arrange a marriage. After getting married, it happens to be a fertile period. Because there was no sense of time urgency about childbirth, and everything was novel and exciting, it was easy to get pregnant. Once you are pregnant, it is exactly what your family, relatives and friends are looking forward to. You will never want to have an artificial abortion or medical abortion just because you have not yet obtained a marriage certificate, or your job is not yet stable, or you have no financial foundation. matter.

Comparing the past and present views on marriage and childbirth, we can find that these concepts have changed greatly!

In the past, there was almost an absolute prohibition on the interaction between young men and women. It was said that men and women should not be intimate, but early marriage and early childbearing were advocated, so as to have more children and more blessings. One advantage of this is that premarital sex has been reduced and abortions rarely occur, which objectively protects women\’s fertility and health.

Nowadays, we advocate late marriage and late childbearing, and advocate that it is better to have only one child in a family, but they do not specifically prohibit the interaction between young men and women. A natural result is that there are more premarital sex than in the past. If women at this time Young people don\’t know how to protect themselves, and an unexpected pregnancy will put the two of them in a very difficult situation.

Although the current attitude towards marriage and childbearing has made great progress compared with the past, it is still not very tolerant towards unmarried pregnancy. Many people, especially parents, relatives and friends of both parties generally do not accept this readily. In some places, it is even considered immoral. Therefore, many young people are forced to take an extreme route – terminating pregnancy!

Many experts are opposed to abortion on the first child, believing that it has serious side effects and will cause future problems. Young people who are inexperienced in the world generally think that getting pregnant is easy and they can have it anytime they want in the future. They don\’t know that just because it\’s easy now, it doesn\’t mean it will be easy in the future. By the time you have all the conditions and want to have a child, the situation may have changed. For example, a certain organ in the reproductive system may malfunction or develop a disease. In this case, you will need to spend a long time to treat it, and the time to have a child will become urgent, which will directly affect your mood. When you feel nervous, Endocrine disorders can easily follow. We must remember that human reproductive capacity will not always remain the same, but will only get worse.This is an unchanging rule. In the end, maybe you can only have a child with the help of assisted reproduction. At this time, various hormones and drugs are injected into your body like running water, and your money also flows into the hospital like running water, again and again. Failure makes you exhausted physically and mentally, so you will realize that it is better to have a child sooner than later!

We hope to have a relaxed social environment that allows young people to decide for themselves how to treat their first child who is born early. We do not want to put pressure on them like now, causing them to embark on the path of abortion. There are currently two departments in the hospital – family planning department (artificial abortion room) and infertility department, which are always overcrowded. In fact, these two departments have a positive correlation. If you conduct a detailed questionnaire survey, you will find that many patients who visit the infertility department were women who had entered the abortion room. In the future, one day, once the abortion rooms are deserted, it is certain that the number of patients going to the infertility department will decrease a lot.

We do not support having children before marriage, but I often think that if a man and a woman really love each other and are willing to start a family responsibly, they might as well keep this gift from God and hold the child confidently. marry! Of course this requires some courage, but as long as you are a pioneer, you should stick to it and stick to this correct choice.

No matter what others think of you, see the world in your own way!

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”Pregnancy Can Be Simple\” Author: Feifei Mom

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