Good good natural delivery or caesarean section?

A few days ago I went to the hospital to visit a friend who was about to give birth. She shared with me the results of the latest B-ultrasound. The doctor said that the baby’s head was too big. My friend was worried that it would be difficult to deliver and asked me if I would need a side incision or tear. She was also worried that if she couldn\’t give birth naturally, she would have to have a caesarean section. Before I could answer, her mother-in-law interrupted: \”No! Children born by caesarean section will not be smart, and they can\’t get pregnant again so soon. No matter how big the head is, you have to hold back and give it to me!\” My mother-in-law\’s answer Although it is infuriating and sad, she is not the only one who believes that \”children born by natural birth are smarter than those born by caesarean section\”. Many friends around me have strong filters for natural birth. They believe that children born naturally are healthier, smarter and even more beautiful. For the sake of the child, no matter how painful or difficult it is, we must fight hard. So are babies born by vaginal delivery really smarter than those born by caesarean section? Today I’m going to give you some pointers on the difference between normal delivery and caesarean section. There is such a classic scene in the urban drama \”Hot Mom\” ​​starring Sun Li. Xia Bing (played by Sun Li), who was about to give birth, believed that children born naturally would be healthier and would leave no scars, so she tried her best. Regardless of her own safety, she placed a yoga ball at the door of the delivery room and sat on it with her big belly bouncing. Not only that, she also took her husband and parents-in-law with her and walked with her all night, walking up and down the corridors of the hospital, desperately trying to give birth to a child who was born naturally. Is it better to have a caesarean section or a vaginal birth? I believe many pregnant mothers have struggled with this. Today I compiled a table to directly compare the pros and cons of the two. Through this table, I believe everyone has a preliminary understanding of natural birth and caesarean section. Nowadays, whether to give birth by vaginal delivery or cesarean section is basically not determined by the wishes of the individual or the family. The doctor will make the decision based on the specific situation of the mother during labor. If the baby is small and the fetal position is correct, natural delivery is the best option. If the fetus is too large, has oligohydramnios, or does not enter the pelvis, or the fetus is in an abnormal position, it is necessary to consider a caesarean section to ensure the safety of mother and child. When I gave birth to the baby, it was a natural birth. I may have a relatively good physical condition. My fingers were opened quickly and I didn’t suffer much. Jim Sears Intimacy Parenting Encyclopedia pdf download [HD scan version] So we sisters can still go along with it, relatively speaking, we will suffer less and it will be better for ourselves ~ Who is smarter between the children born by natural birth or the one born by caesarean section? According to the \”World Health Statistics 2009\” data, my country\’s cesarean section rate reached 46% from October 2007 to May 2008, ranking among the top in the world. In recent years, with the improvement of my country\’s health service capabilities and the popularization of education and knowledge, the cesarean section rate among pregnant women in my country has dropped to 34.9% by 2014. Does the decline in the caesarean section rate mean that children born naturally will be smarter and better? Today, I will talk to you from the four aspects of the child’s intelligence, health, athletic ability, and height~ 1. There is no difference in intelligence level. Some time ago, a mother who had just given birth took a video of her child being “pressed by the birth canal.” deformed” head and expressed distress for the child. Someone said in the comments: \”Don\’t worry, the baby will be smarter if his head is pointed like this. If you squeeze it, he will be smarter.\” In fact, under normal circumstances, there is no difference in IQ between babies born by caesarean section and babies born vaginally. Whether a child is smart or not is mainly related to the innate genetic genes, the mother\’s nutrition and health during pregnancy, and the child\’s acquired nutrition, sleep, and education. What most people think is smarter is actually just a psychological effect and has little to do with production methods. The reason why people think that children born naturally are smarter is because during delivery, the fetus is squeezed through the birth canal, which stimulates the central nervous system in the head, so the child will be smarter. But in fact, around the sixth month of pregnancy, the sulci in the cerebral cortex are basically fully developed. No matter which delivery method is used, it will not affect the baby\’s brain volume and cerebral sulci. There is no point in saying who is smarter. 2. Babies born naturally are relatively healthier. Although natural birth has little impact on the child\’s intelligence, it does have some differences in the child\’s health. Babies born normally are squeezed by the mother\’s birth canal when they are born. Under this pressure, the amniotic fluid remaining in the child\’s lungs and respiratory tract will be squeezed out, promoting the maturity of the lungs. Children are less likely to develop wet lungs after birth and are less likely to suffer from lung disease and respiratory syndrome. In addition, the flora and antibodies attached to the mother\’s birth canal will enter the baby\’s body during the birth process, which can improve the baby\’s self-protection and enhance resistance. Since babies born by caesarean section are not squeezed by the birth canal, they naturally cannot get help from the antibodies in the mother\’s body, and their resistance will be relatively weak. We have to admit that the process of natural childbirth has a good promotion on the baby\’s nervous system and cardiopulmonary function. It is an important process for the baby to safely transition from the mother\’s belly to the outside world. Without the experience of this process, children will be relatively weak in terms of health. But we don’t have to worry too much. As long as we keep feeding our children well and supplementing them with good nutrition, they will still grow up healthily. 3. Movement ability is more dependent on acquired skills. When I took my children to early childhood education classes before, I saw many children with uncoordinated limbs, weak gross motor ability, and lack of sense of security. When analyzing the reasons for a child\’s poor athletic ability, childcare providers would ask: \”Should the birth be a normal birth or a caesarean section?\” I was very curious at that time, what impact does a normal or normal birth have on the child\’s athletic ability? After doing a lot of homework, I realized that babies born by caesarean section are more likely to lag behind in motor development and sensory integration abilities. Even so, this inference is not absolute, and mothers don’t need to worry too much. In fact, children\’s athletic ability is more about acquired training and training. Many babies born by cesarean section can also have excellent athletic abilities. Even children with congenital motor defects can catch up after receiving scientific training. In summary, although children born by caesarean section are prone to lagging behind in athletic ability, as long as parents pay attention to training and training, the child can still become very good~ 4. The height of the child has nothing to do with the mode of delivery. Regarding normal delivery and caesarean section, morning The most outrageous thing my mother has ever heard is: children born by cesarean section do not grow taller. There are often times in the backgroundThe parents left a message to Chen\’s mother: \”My child was not born naturally. He is only 1.1 meters tall at the age of 8. Boy, is this the sequelae of not having a natural birth at that time?\” Brothers and sisters, you are really worried too much! ! ! A child\’s height is basically determined by both parents\’ genetics and acquired environment. Even the mother\’s nutrition and health during pregnancy cannot play a decisive role in the child\’s height, let alone whether it will be a normal delivery or a caesarean section. Feeding your children good food and drink, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly are the secrets that can help your children grow taller. Whether it is a natural delivery or a caesarean section, we should make the decision based on the mother\’s specific circumstances during delivery and choose the one that is more suitable for the current situation. Because for you and your baby, safety and health are the most important. So sisters, if someone says to you in the future that \”children born naturally are smarter\”, please respond directly to him directly, or you can show this article to him~

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