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Grandma always feeds her grandson junk food. I shed tears when I found out the truth.

My mother-in-law loves to buy snacks for her children, which is what we often call junk food. When I come back from grocery shopping in the morning, I always buy some fried cakes or sweet glutinous rice cakes for my children. In the afternoon, I often buy candied haws, marshmallows and candy figures for my children. When I take Dabao home from kindergarten, I always buy wontons or eight-treasure porridge for the child on the way home. When she goes to the supermarket, she always buys some chips, jelly, and spicy strips. Every time I come from my hometown, I will definitely bring back a big bag of \”hometown specialties\”. As a scientific parenting expert, Smart Mom often opposes these behaviors of her mother-in-law. Until one day, I overheard a conversation between my mother-in-law and another old woman. I immediately understood that in our eyes, this foolish behavior of buying junk food for our children is actually a sign of mother-in-law’s love for her children. No wonder, my children are closest to grandma. Whenever there is something delicious at home, the children first bring it to grandma to eat. Sometimes when we get angry and hit our children, grandma always protects us. The mother-in-law was feeling unwell and didn\’t want to eat. Dabao said distressedly: Grandma, please eat some. If you don\’t want to eat, I won\’t eat either. As the saying goes: \”Kiss from another generation is extra close\”. The only thing the child doesn\’t feel comfortable with is my mother-in-law who is even more nervous than us. The old man took good care of the child every day. If the child made some progress, her heart would be sweeter than eating honey. The elderly love their children and buy them some snacks because they want to please the children and gain their approval in exchange for the family happiness they desire most. Wisdom Mom said: Do you still remember when you were a child, when your grandfather came back from the market and took out the hot sesame cakes from his arms? That fragrance, together with the old man\’s love, stays with us throughout our lives. We often complain about the old people buying junk food for their children, complaining about the outdated things the old people buy for their children, and complaining about the old people’s backward views on parenting. Sometimes, let’s not be too serious and don’t always emphasize junk food. As long as it is not excessive, let them go. .

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