Happy expectant mothers are alert, it turns out that there are signs of fetal termination

Linlin and her husband have been preparing for pregnancy for three years and finally got pregnant this year. The whole family is very happy. In the early stages of pregnancy, Linlin had a very strong reaction. She couldn\’t eat anything and vomited when she saw greasy food. But in the past few days, Linlin found that her morning sickness had weakened a lot. Linlin felt something was wrong, so she asked her husband to accompany her to check it out. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF + TXT version]. As soon as the examination results came out, the doctor told Linlin that the baby had stopped. When she saw the diagnosis of fetal stop, Linlin was spinning and her heart was broken. The doctor said that there are actually signs of fetal arrest. If discovered early, the baby\’s life may be saved. Linlin blamed herself after knowing it. So what are the common signs of fetal arrest? 1. Pregnancy reactions suddenly disappear or lessen in early pregnancy. Although pregnancy reactions such as morning sickness will disappear at a certain stage, if pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting suddenly disappear in early pregnancy, the feeling of breast swelling will also weaken. It may be a sign of fetal arrest. 2. Unexplained abdominal pain. Mild abdominal pain, sudden pain, or even severe pain may occur during pregnancy. This should be taken seriously. It may be threatened miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or fetal arrest. . 3. Abnormal fetal movement If during the late or mid-pregnancy period, the usual regular fetal movement suddenly becomes insignificant or decreases, or the uterus grows slowly, pregnant mothers should be alert. This may also be a sign of fetal arrest. 4. Unexplained vaginal bleeding If you find unexplained blood stains on your underwear during pregnancy and the color is dark red, you should pay attention. It may be fetal termination, but it may also be due to other reasons. It is best to go to the hospital for a checkup to find out the cause. 200 examples of nutritional recipes for 3-month pregnant women in ultra-clear, full-color PDF. However, the above signs often vary from person to person. In some mothers, the signs are not obvious, so it is not easy to detect. Therefore, all pregnant mothers must pay close attention to the changes in their bodies during pregnancy. If there are any abnormalities, they should go to the hospital for examination and take timely measures.

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