Honey is very common and is a more suitable food for men.

Recommend a food rich in phytoandrogens.

Sisters often ask me: What should I feed my husband? My answer is: Eat honey!

As we all know, honey is brewed by bees collecting a large amount of pollen, and pollen is the male organ of plants. After the pollen is processed by bees’ enzymes, it contains a large amount of phytomale hormones, which are similar to human The pituitary hormones are similar and have obvious biological characteristics of active gonads, and men\’s sperm is produced under the control of pituitary hormones. Moreover, the sugar in honey is easily absorbed by the blood, which is very beneficial to the formation of semen. If you supplement vitamin E at the same time (vitamin E can stimulate male sperm production). Then, your husband will cooperate with you more effectively.

Let me tell you an interesting animal fact: The queen bee and the worker bees are both female. After the fertilized egg is laid, when the queen bee is still a larvae, the worker bees secrete royal jelly to feed it, and it develops into a new generation of female bees – the queen bee; while other female bees are only fed honey and pollen and cannot eat royal jelly. As a result, female reproductive organs such as ovaries do not develop properly, and they become female bees – worker bees – that cannot bear children. It can be seen from here that if you keep eating honey, the original female bee will not be able to have children! Therefore, long-term consumption of honey by women will have an impact.

I have always believed that women should drink soy milk, and men should eat honey for a long time!

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”Pregnancy Can Be Simple\” Author: Feifei Mom

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