How big can a fetus grow each month? Using these fruits as metaphors is both fresh and vivid

Since becoming pregnant, all the pregnant mother thinks about is the little tender meat in her belly. She not only fantasizes about what the baby will look like after birth, but also what the baby looks like when it is in the belly. But it is a pity that pregnant mothers can only satisfy their curiosity during B-ultrasound prenatal check-up, which is really not enough. If you, a pregnant mother, feel this way, then let us use fruit as a comparison to explain to you the growth of your baby every month. 1. The baby in the second month of pregnancy is as big as a grape. At this time, the fetus has grown from the size of a bean to the size of a grape. The head, facial features, and important internal organs have begun to undergo preliminary differentiation. However, the head is big and the body is small. Like a tadpole, very cute. In the second month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for a fetal heart and fetal sac test. If the fetal heartbeat can be detected, it can be determined that the embryo is healthy and there is no abortion. 2. A baby in the third month of pregnancy is like a plum. After one month of development, the baby as big as a grape becomes the size of a plum. Although the pregnant mother’s belly is not obvious yet, the uterus has begun to press on the surrounding internal organs. The fetus before 3 months of pregnancy needs very few nutrients, so even pregnant mothers with severe morning sickness should not worry about malnutrition. 3. The baby in the fifth month of pregnancy is like a grapefruit. The baby in the second trimester is already as big as a grapefruit. At this time, the baby has obvious gender signs, and hair and nails have grown all over the body. It looks very Sophisticated and cute. Pregnant mothers’ belly is also more obvious, so pay attention to safety. 4. A baby who is 8 months pregnant looks like a cantaloupe. A baby at this age looks like a cantaloupe, and is about to mature: the head and limbs have developed well, and the lungs have completed preliminary development. Carrying a cantaloupe in the belly is actually a very tiring thing. Pregnant mothers may feel edema in their limbs and back pain, so they should pay attention to rest. 5. The baby who is 9 months pregnant is like a watermelon. The due date of the baby is coming soon. It is like a watermelon that is about to \”ripe and fall off\”. The baby has been fully prepared, and the pregnant mother has to start preparing the delivery package. Pregnant mothers during this period should not be too scared or too nervous, but they need to always pay attention to the movements of the fetus and count fetal movements regularly every day to avoid problems with the fetus. Isn’t it very vivid to use fruit to describe a fetus? Pregnant mothers may encounter various problems during pregnancy, but don\’t you feel heartwarming when you think that the fetus is also eager to meet the mother?

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