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How do children determine whether they are extrovert or introvert?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

The arrival of a child should be a gift to every family. Every child has a unique personality, and we generally categorize them into introverts or extroverts. Most parents hope that their children will be outgoing, lively and cheerful, because society favors such people, and the children\’s future is more likely to be brighter. This is every parent\’s expectation for their children. Congenital factors account for more influence on the development of a child\’s character. However, in life, we can always see the shadow of our parents in our children. This is found from most of the people around us. There is an impatient father. The son\’s character will definitely not be very gentle. He has a gentle mother, and the child\’s character will not be too anxious. All 10 episodes of The Adventures of Brother Egg Yolk can be watched online in ultra-high definition 1080P. Although the interference of congenital factors must be eliminated first, most of the acquired factors that affect the development of a child\’s personality come from the family and belong to the parents. The most obvious impact is especially on children before the age of 6. This stage is the key \”shaping period\” for a child\’s personality. There is no doubt that a child will be raised in a family environment that is just like the one he or she is, but it cannot be ruled out that the child will be affected by the mud. And the person who is not stained. Most people can roughly classify a child\’s personality from the details of life: Detail 1: The children in the crying observation section have been \”bad cryers\” since they were born, and they cry loudly and loudly. It makes people feel full of energy. Children like this will generally have an extroverted personality in the future, and they will get into trouble from an early age. Some babies are more \”\” well-behaved and obedient. They will only whine and cry softly when they feel uncomfortable, hungry, or need to urinate. Such children will become more docile babies in the future. Children with relatively small needs are more likely to be satisfied, and are naturally more \”sensible\”, less prone to crying and less likely to lose their temper. Children who cry more and have louder voices indicate that they have higher needs, which are difficult to satisfy, and their emotional expression is more obvious. Detail 2: Observe whether children are obedient or not. This is the easiest aspect to observe. Parents know whether their children are obedient or not. A very obedient child, even if he has some needs in his heart, as long as he gets an explanation from his parents, even if it is a little unreasonable and reluctant, he will still bow his head and obey the demands of his parents in the end. This kind of child with a gentle personality, This is the type that most parents like. The most troublesome thing for parents is that their children have great needs and are full of demands. Once they are not satisfied, they will start to lose their temper. They will also choose what their parents say. It is common for them to make parents angry. At this time, parents will be more passive. His child\’s personality is extroverted, and he always expresses his dissatisfaction, that is, everything is written on his face. In the process of exploring their children\’s personalities, parents should be adaptable, see their children\’s strengths, encourage them more, and don\’t blindly focus on their shortcomings. The most important thing for children is to grow up healthily. Even if they are introverted, they should also be learning. When it comes to being brave, \”fight\”. There is no good or bad distinction between being an introvert or an extrovert.

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