How do pregnant women avoid the heat in summer?

Which type of people are most afraid of heat? I believe most people will blurt out the first thing they say is a person with a beer belly and a big belly. indeed! Obesity is a problem, and fat people are very afraid of heat, but there is one kind of person who is more afraid of heat than fat people, and that is pregnant mothers with \”millions of dollars\” in their belly. Pregnant mothers are very magical beings. They are very afraid of cold in snowy winters and very afraid of heat in hot summers. This makes many expectant fathers feel exhausted and haggard when taking care of them. Some expectant fathers even feel that pregnant women are It is \”pregnant and delicate\”. Those expectant fathers who think pregnant women are delicate and delicate have misunderstood pregnant mothers. The reason why pregnant women feel very hot in summer is mainly because they are pregnant with children. Why is it said that pregnant women are very afraid of heat when they are carrying a baby? 1. Metabolism is about 11-24% faster than that of ordinary people. It is obvious that the metabolism of pregnant women is faster because the metabolism of the fetus in the abdomen also needs to use the system of the pregnant woman to excrete some metabolites. As a result, the metabolism of pregnant women is about 11-24% faster than that of ordinary people. The accelerated metabolism directly causes the body temperature to rise. Pregnant women will feel internal heat and dryness, and they will naturally feel hot. 2. Blood circulation is accelerated by about 38%. Blood is the soul of the human body. The flow rate of the blood determines whether the human body will feel more internal heat. There is a fetus in the belly of a pregnant woman, and the fetus\’s physiological metabolism also relies on the mother\’s blood. As a result, the blood circulation of pregnant women will increase by about 38%, which will naturally increase the heat. Therefore, expectant fathers must understand that pregnant women\’s fear of heat is justified, and they must find ways to allow pregnant women to spend the hot summer safely without thinking that pregnant women are being pretentious and embarrassing their families. Pregnant women are more likely to get angry and anxious in summer. As an expectant father, he must fulfill his responsibilities and take good care of his lover and the fetus in his lover\’s belly. The best friend of the case, Xiao Tao, recently uploaded a video on social platforms. In the video, she felt aggrieved, with tears in her eyes, and said nothing. It looked like she had not slept well, and it was suspected that she had had a quarrel with her family. Many friends below the comments are concerned about her. After all, she is pregnant with a child. It is not a good sign to be in this state on a hot day. Best friend Xiao Tao is pregnant with twins. After the family found out, they doted on her to the extreme. Xiao Tao openly posted a video for everyone to see this state. This state was not like her previous \”optimist\” style. When I was thinking about how to contact my best friend Xiao Tao, Xiao Tao\’s husband sent a group message to the effect that Xiao Tao was afraid of heat and the air conditioner was turned on to 17 degrees. He was worried that Xiao Tao would catch cold, so he adjusted the temperature to 24 degrees. Xiao Tao was not happy, so he temporarily Aphasic, she said that Xiao Tao was pretentious. Xiao Tao\’s husband said that he wanted a group of friends to persuade her, because she had blocked him and wouldn\’t let him enter the bedroom. He was worried that Xiao Tao\’s pregnancy was already hard and stressful, so she shouldn\’t do something stupid. After seeing the group message sent by Xiaotao\’s husband, her friends immediately sent condolence messages to Xiaotao. After a while, Xiaotao responded with a voice message, saying that she was really dying of heat and felt sweaty and hot even in the 17-degree room. , her husband no longer loves her and actually calls her hypocritical. She doesn’t know the point of her hard work in conceiving twins. Xiaotao was obviously heartbroken by her husband\’s hypocritical words, in this case, the only option is to video chat with Xiao Tao and show her the group messages sent by her husband to dispel her doubts that her husband no longer loves her. After Xiaotao watched it, she obviously felt much better. After all, a man who doesn\’t love him wouldn\’t send more than 100 messages to ask Xiaotao\’s friends to admit his mistake. This also shows that pregnant women really have a hard time in the summer, are prone to bad temper, and even have some \”mild depression\” symptoms. Families need to be more considerate to pregnant women in summer so that they can survive the hot summer smoothly. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching the pattern. So, as a family, what can you do to help pregnant women spend the summer safely? Learn three \”cool tips\” to avoid the summer heat, and you can also keep cool all summer long. 1. Buy suitable maternity clothes for pregnant women. In summer, even ordinary people will be too hot to bear, let alone pregnant women. Therefore, family members of pregnant women can carefully prepare comfortable, cool and sweat-absorbent maternity clothes for pregnant women. In this way, pregnant women will not feel that clothes are accessories and a source of heat, which will greatly alleviate their feeling of heat. 2. Do not take pregnant women out in the hot summer. If you want to take pregnant women out to get some fresh air, try to do so in the early morning and evening. Take pregnant women out after the sun goes down, is no longer too hot, or is cool. You should know that in summer, the outdoor temperature is usually around 37 degrees. If a pregnant woman goes out, she will have signs of heatstroke within a short period of time, which is extremely dangerous. 3. Choose water sports for exercise. In the hot summer, while ensuring the safety of pregnant women, taking pregnant women to a professional swimming pool to play in the water and swim for exercise will not only allow pregnant women to exercise appropriately, but also make them more healthy. It feels comfortable and cool, but be careful not to slip and prevent colds. Conclusion: How pregnant women and fetuses spend the summer in the hot summer is an issue that should be paid attention to. Family members should not think that pregnant women have too many things to do and are always looking for trouble just because they are pregnant. In fact, as an expectant father, it is difficult for a pregnant woman to \”empathize\” with her feelings while carrying a child. However, expectant fathers can ask pregnant mothers for their opinions and listen more to their feelings. Since they cannot suffer for their wives, they should take good care of their wives without reservation.

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